50+ Winning Education Research Paper Topics

The field of pedagogics is continually developing alongside the technological advancements of today. A lot of new scientific breakthroughs in other areas can mean the development of education. Due to this, the choice between all the education research paper topics is so varied and interesting.

So, if you’re struggling to come up with a topic for your research paper, don’t worry. Our list of topics will quickly help you determine the main subject of your research paper.

How to Select Education Research Paper Topics – PRO Tips

Don’t know how to approach deciding on a single research paper topic? Simply follow these steps and you’ll quickly end up with a research paper topic!

Explore Your Opportunities

As you go through the list of topics, be sure to consider each one for your research paper and research it. After you’re finished with the list, you’ll see which topic is the most motivating to you and easy to research. It’s a surefire way to settle on a paper topic without doubting your choice after.

Rely on Requirements

After you’ve decided on a single research paper topic, check out the requirements from your tutor. This’ll eliminate any possibility of you doing anything wrong, as you’re working on the research paper.

Make a Roadmap

Then, the next reasonable step is to create a roadmap with well-defined deadlines and goals. This will allow you to work on the research paper topic efficiently and get everything done before the ultimate deadline.

Take Your Time

However, don’t stress yourself too much. If you try to rush, then you’ll create a low-quality paper or even research the topic incorrectly. So, take the time you need to get the job done right.

15 Research Paper Topics About Education

These topics are general and will suit most research papers in the education domain.

  1. Teaching Staff Deficiency in the US: An Educational Crisis
  2. Is Alternative Education Successful at All? – Tribal, Magnet, Military Education, and More
  3. Education in the US isn’t Fully Secular: Christianity’s Influence on US School
  4. Pre-Defined Curriculum vs. Elective Courses: Which Is Better for Educational Focus?
  5. Student Internships as Cheap Labor Source for Companies
  6. To Which Extent Should the Government Dictate the Curriculum?
  7. The Psychological and Mental Damages of Intensive Pre-Kindergarten Education
  8. The Faulty Day Care System & How We Should Aim to Improve It
  9. Constrained Freedom of Speech in the Classrooms of Today
  10. How to Ensure Classroom Safety with the Current US Gun Laws
  11. The Contemporary Education Doesn’t Have a Holistic Approach to Curriculum Building
  12. The Lack of Real-Life Skills Courses in Middle and High School Curriculum
  13. Supporting Inclusivity and Equality in the School Environment
  14. Fighting Social Polarization in School by Emphasizing Thought Plurality
  15. Employing the Benefits of Gamification in a Traditional Classroom

15 Special Education Research Paper Topics

These 15 topics are related to an incredibly fragile part of the educational system. So, be sure to do your research paper with extra care if you choose one of these topics.

  1. The Biggest Difficulties in Teaching Deaf Students
  2. Optimizing the Support System for Students in Special Education
  3. Maintaining Learning Pace without Overburdening Special Education Students
  4. The Problem with Overidentification and Extraneous Caring
  5. Social Education throughout School for Students with Autism
  6. Mixed Classes: Is All-Inclusive Learning Successful?
  7. How to Address the Lower Success Rate of Students with Dyslexia?
  8. Preventing Violence on School Grounds with Communication-Based Approaches
  9. How to Avoid Stalling Exceptionally Performing Students?
  10. When Is It Correct to Intervene with Serious Measures – Physical Restriction?
  11. Assessing the Relational Situation in a Special Education Classroom
  12. Attempting Normalization with Minimal School Budget
  13. Addressing Various Student Physical Disabilities while Teaching Traditionally
  14. Developing Focus & Attention: Teaching Learners with ADHD
  15. Visually Impaired Students and the Biggest Challenges They Face in Education

10 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Education

Want to surprise your tutor by picking a non-standard topic? Here are the options you have for your research paper.

  1. Our Middle and High School Teachers Are Being Properly Evaluated?
  2. The Importance of Updating Qualifications for Tutors
  3. Experienced Students Mentoring Students: Why It’s Not Widespread
  4. Failed Government Promises to Improve Working Environments for Teachers
  5. The Problem of Computer Literacy between Lecturers and Tutors
  6. High Demand and No Supply: Employment Needs in the Educational Sphere
  7. The Impact of Employing Various Lesson Planning Strategies in throughout School
  8. Learning by Contrast: Is It an Effective and Clear Methodology?
  9. The Best Strategies for Classroom Managements in Middle and High School
  10. The Most Effective Approaches for Stimulating Creativity in Students

10 Higher Education Topics Research Paper

Want to discuss higher education? Here are some engaging subjects.

  1. Do Current Admissions Policies Hinder Applications for People from Impoverished Regions?
  2. The Disparity in Quality between Private and Community College Education
  3. The Racial and National Bias in College & University Student Recruitment
  4. Are Online Universities the Way of Higher Education in the Future?
  5. The Decline in Value of Higher Education as the Graduates Age
  6. Are Minority Students Being Sufficiently Protected and Supported?
  7. The Success of the Intensive Integration of E-Courses into Traditional Learning
  8. The Existing Gaps in Higher Education Curriculum Failing Gen-Y Students
  9. The Accessibility of Higher Education to African Americans in the South States
  10. Plagiarism in Academia: How Often Do Students Steal Intellectual Material?

Boost Your Inspiration with These 5 Tricks

If after deciding on a topic for your research paper, you feel without any motivation – don’t beat yourself up. The writer’s block happens to everybody, and you can try doing the following:

  • Look through related videos on the topic you’re writing about.
  • Instead of doing the whole research paper, write an outline.
  • Try freewriting the research paper without any constraints.
  • Change up your location to another one.
  • For every work towards your research paper topic, rewards yourself.

This activity should shake the writer within you up. However, even if you don’t feel like finishing the task yourself after performing these things, don’t worry. You still have other options.

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