70 Media Essay Topics

  1. How do social media sites impact young people?
  2. Describe pros and cons of using Facebook.
  3. Is it easy to overcome social media addiction?
  4. How do social sites help people to get close?
  5. Describe people before and after social media sites.
  6. Describe the negative effects of Twitter.
  7. Describe positive sides of Whatsapp.
  8. How does Facebook help us to develop?
  9. How does Twitter affect the whole world?
  10. Social media sites and kids.

10 Media and Society Essay Topics

  1. How do media sites affect society in a positive way?
  2. How does society change due to the media?
  3. Why do people use fake profiles on Facebook?
  4. Do all people share their personal information on social media sites?
  5. Is it easy to overcome the addiction to social media?
  6. How to forbid people from using social media at work?
  7. Does social media help people to get closer or is it just a fake feeling?
  8. How does LinkedIn impact society?
  9. Name good sides of social media.
  10. What if social media sites disappear?

10 Essay Topics About Social Media

  1. The role of Instagram in our life.
  2. How is it possible to learn something using social media?
  3. How does social media help to make connections between people?
  4. Do modern youth get more aggressive due to social media?
  5. How does social media affect families?
  6. Should they create a social media site for kids?
  7. How does Twitter impact our habits?
  8. How does social media help us in everyday life?
  9. Social media and cooking: do you use those recipes?
  10. Friendship on Facebook: do online friends are better than real ones?

10 Politics in Media Essay Topics

  1. Rumors about politics on social media.
  2. Do you read news on Facebook and why?
  3. How does politics change due to social media sites?
  4. Informative war: rumors through social media.
  5. How does Twitter affect politics?
  6. Politics news on social media: true or fake?
  7. Should social media be banned from politics?
  8. How do political news on Facebook affect teenagers?
  9. Do you often comment on any political news on social media?
  10. How can political news become a reason for two people to be enemies?

10 Media and Reality Essay Topics

  1. Can social media make people feel happy?
  2. The impact of Facebook on various cultures.
  3. Is it better for you to have online friends or meet real ones?
  4. Why can life on social media be so different from reality?
  5. Is it wise to believe all you read on social media sites?
  6. The role of Instagram in the blogger’s life.
  7. New professions and social media.
  8. What would happen to us if one day, social media sites disappear?
  9. How does social media affect education?
  10. The question of privacy on Facebook: the main rules to stay safe.

10 Topics About Social Media in Education Essay

  1. Are modern kids more educated thanks to social media?
  2. Online education and social media: how does it work?
  3. Learning new languages using Facebook: is it really possible?
  4. Is it possible to study using social media?
  5. Which platforms are used by kids for online education in schools?
  6. Does social media help to develop education?
  7. Should learning social media be included in the education program for kids?
  8. Should teachers use Facebook to communicate with students?
  9. How to use social media for improving education?
  10. The impact of social media on modern schools.

10 Media Essay Topics Ideas

  1. How do media sites affect relationships?
  2. Why not all types of photos can be posted on social media?
  3. How is dating online different from the real one?
  4. Is it true that people spend more time online than in live conversations?
  5. Is it possible to sell goods online using Facebook only?
  6. Has Facebook killed real conversations between friends?
  7. Is Instagram good or bad for relationships?
  8. Should we ban social media sites for youth?
  9. How to prevent your kid from overusing social media?
  10. How does LinkedIn help people to find distant jobs?

Tips on How to Select Media Essay Topics

In our world of modern technologies, social media plays a great role: almost all people use various platforms to read news, share photos, make interesting posts, sell goods, communicate with friends and subscribers. There are a great variety of social media sites like  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp, and others. Of course, every one of these sites has its purposes, but all of them help people all over the world to connect with each other.

Nowadays, many teachers require students to create interesting essays on media topics to check their writing abilities. If you are searching for an idea to choose a non-ordinary subject for your future work, we offer 70 exciting media essay topics. Keep reading to select the most exciting idea for your paper!

Follow these simple but effective tips to create an outstanding and impressive paper:

  • Do not forget to structure your future essay correctly. It should have all the needed elements of a standard paper, including introduction, main part, and conclusion.
  • Start your work with a hook to attract readers. Create a catchy introduction that will make people interested to read the whole paper.
  • The body of your manuscript should consist of 3-4 paragraphs where you express your thoughts, analysis, and other information for your readers.
  • Make your paper simple and logical. In the end, you have to make a short summary to finish your essay correctly.
  • Use relevant sources to create your paper. You can put some statistics or any other facts, but do not forget to cite reliable sources as proof.
  • When your paper is fully completed, check out the work thoroughly to correct any grammar and punctuation mistakes. You can ask someone with good skills in grammar to help you with this.


Of course, writing this type of paper may not seem so simple for you, so if it’s difficult to choose from good essay topics about media, we recommend asking professional help. Our excellent team of talented writers has experience in creating media essays of various levels. Contact us right now, and we will do our best to make a successful and interesting paper following your needs!