50+ Medicine Research Paper Topics: Choose from the Best

In such a varied and wide field of knowledge like health, it’s hard to come up with a unique subject to discuss. If you’re out of ideas for medical research paper topics, then we can assist you with this task.

We’ve looked for and gathered the most fascinating topics for a research paper. Simply read our list of topics, and you’ll surely find something to use for your future research paper there.

How to Select the Best Medicine Research Paper Topics

You may go about deciding on the topic and completing your paper in a number of ways. However, we recommend going about it these ways.

Research Data

First, you run down our topics and consider each one for your paper. After, you research the ones that motivate you the most. Lastly, you decide on the paper topic based on the amount of available research related to it.

Follow Instructions

After the topic for your research paper is chosen, check out the requirements. This is an essential step that you’ll benefit from when you don’t have to rewrite the research paper later on.

Make a Plan

Based on the size of the topic, make up a plan to finish the research paper. Be realistic about your milestones, and don’t put unrealistic deadlines like researching everything about the topic in a day.

Manage Your Time

Lastly, you must get down to work and fit in the established timeframes. Otherwise, there was no sense in creating the plan.

15 Sports Medicine Research Paper Topics

The sports field is a great sphere to research in because it’s studied so much. This is why we have 15 sports-related paper topics.

  1. Heavyweight Lifting in Adolescence Negatively Influences the Developing Body
  2. In What Way Does Caffeine Influence Sports Performance of Athletes?
  3. Study of Different Approaches to Assessing Heart Rates During Exercise
  4. How Does Regular Exercise Influence Lung Health?
  5. The Best Methods of Localizing and Treating Serious Injuries in Athletes
  6. The Dangers of Professional Weightlifting and How to Avoid Injuries
  7. The Most Effective Rehabilitation Methodology for Athletes with Spinal Trauma
  8. An In-Depth Study of How Mouthguards Can Create Oral Pathologies in Sportsmen
  9. How Games Can Improve Performance of Athletes in Physical Sports
  10. Psychological Side-Effects of Subjecting Yourself to Illegal Doping in Sports
  11. The Most Effective Methods to Improve Concentration in Athletes
  12. Psychological Toll of Sports Injuries on Athletes
  13. The Human Physical Peak: How Does It Look?
  14. Sports Researchers and Coaches: A Much Needed Collaboration
  15. Approaches to Developing Athlete-Individual Diets

15 Herbal Medicine Research Paper Topics

Interested in herbs? Then why not research some of these paper topics?

  1. Herbally-Derived Medicine – Safety and Efficacy of Treatment
  2. Benefits of Herbal Medicine as Opposed to Synthesized Medicine
  3. The Effectiveness of Medicinal Plants Based on their Bioactive Elements
  4. In-depth Examination of Health Benefits of Various Essential Oils
  5. Surprising Benefits of Mushroom for Skin, Hair, and Health – The New Skincare Trend
  6. The Best Herbal Medicine for Head and Eye Pain Removal
  7. The New, Efficient Methods for Extracting Bioactive Elements from Herbs
  8. The International Differences in Approaches to Herbal Medicine
  9. The Process of Assessment of Herbally-Derived Medicine’s Pharmacological Qualities
  10. Assessing the ‘Transferability’ of Herbal Medicine between Different Cultures
  11. The Best Cases of Employing Medicinal Plants for Prevention and Treatment
  12. A Study of European Traditional Herbalism
  13. The Current Pragmatic Studies in Traditional Herbal Medicine
  14. The Chemical Components of Herbal Medicine
  15. An Examination of Commercially Successful Herbal Remedies Market in Africa

10 Alternative Medicine Research Paper Topics

Alternative treatment approaches are fascinating. There are definitely not enough academic papers on the topics from this area.

  1. A Review of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine
  2. An In-Depth Look at Culturally-Native Tibetan Medicine in Chine
  3. Alternative Medicine as a Commercial Not Medical Vehicle in the Western Culture
  4. Alternative Medicine Options for General Pain Relief
  5. Why Calling Medicine from Non-Western Tradition Alternative Is Incorrect
  6. The Way Alternative Herb-Based Medicine in China Developed Numerous Drugs
  7. Chiropractic Medicine – How Abnormal Alignment of Vertebrae Negatively Influences Us
  8. The Challenges with Training Personnel to Accommodate Alternative Medicine Treatments
  9. The Slow Expansion of the Alternative Medicine Network in Europe
  10. The Widespread Alternative Treatments in Rural Regions

10 Research Paper Topics in Family Medicine

Of course, another area that can be very interesting to research is family-related medicine. Consider these topics for your paper.

  1. Treating Adolescents: The Overuse of Drug-Based Treatments in the US
  2. Addressing the Family of the Person with a Depressive Disorder
  3. Vaccination Opposition: An Killing Trend between Young Parents
  4. The Success of Promoting Healthy Lifestyles to Families in Medical Institutions
  5. Obesity and Bad Weight Management Is Often Family-Related
  6. How Sleep Disorders of One Person Can Affect Their Whole Family
  7. Negative Influence Substance Abuse and Addiction Has on Family Relationships
  8. How Often Do the Negative Atmosphere in the Family Can Cause Health Problems
  9. Antibiotic Resistance Is Growing Higher with Each Generation
  10. Coronavirus: Preventative Treatment of the Whole Family

More Ideas to Help You Get Started

Here are some more general paper topics to motivate your writing!

  1. How Chronic Diseases Can Go Unnoticed
  2. The Ways for Preventatively Fighting Alzheimer’s
  3. The Depression Is Becoming a More Widespread Condition
  4. The Main Methods for Coping with Terminal Diseases
  5. The Medical Consequences of Circumcision
  6. The Difference between Epidemics and Pandemics
  7. How Brain Injuries Affect Life in the Long-Term
  8. Pure Veganism – The Advantages and Dangers of the Practice
  9. How Insulin Resistance Develops and Who Are In the Biggest Danger
  10. The Differences in Treating Women before and after the Menopause
  11. Comparison in the Medication Use Between Private and Public Hospitals
  12. Treating Mental Health Issues with Medications
  13. The Complex Process of Testing Vaccinees
  14. Should the ‘Morning Pill’ Be Banned Due to Its Negative Effects on the Woman’s Body?

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