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May 5, 2023
Updated: May 5, 2023
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    Choosing topics on argumentative research paper can be more exhausting than writing a paper itself. Indeed, a lot depends on your argumentative research paper topic selection. And you should take this step seriously. However, you can always rely on us in this choice since we prepared the most engaging list of argumentative research paper topics for you. So go on and pick your perfect one!

    How to Select the Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics: Our Tips

    Many factors should be considered when choosing a topic for an argumentative research paper. And the basic one you should weigh up is whether you can prove the argument you choose. Indeed, you can consider the fascinating thesis statement. But does it have enough resources to demonstrate the point? Is it indeed controversial? Will it cause a debate as any argumentative topic should? To prevent yourself from getting into trouble, follow this easy instruction on choosing topics for argumentative research papers.

    • Always focus on your field of interest. Why should you write about the latest IT trends if you get nothing about technology? Pick up the argumentative research paper topic you can dig in.
    • Choose an argumentative research paper topic relevant to the modern world. Why would you argue about evolution or other inapplicable argumentative research paper topics? Go on to the modern discoveries with your argumentative research paper.
    • Look at the topics in argumentative research papers from both sides. You should be able to prove two points in your argumentative research paper: yours and the opposite.
    • Do a little research. Investigate the resources for the desired argumentative research paper topic first since present-day argumentative topics might not be investigated enough for your research.

    List of Argumentative Research Paper Topics

    If you seek inspiration and ideas for your argumentative research paper topic, you can look at this section, where we gathered a collection of argumentative research paper topics for you.

    • Animal testing: is this should be prohibited?
    • Are GMOs harmful or helpful?
    • Should abortion be legal in all countries?
    • May vaccination be obligatory to attend public places?
    • Is intermittent fasting a good way to lose weight?
    • Should parents set limitations for kids to use technologies?
    • Can euthanasia be morally explained and widely used in hospitals?
    • Will robots replace humans in the future?
    • Are self-driving cars safe?
    • Should wearing school uniforms be obligatory?
    • Can climate change be put on the government level?
    • Can workers be replaced with automated machines?
    • Does the Internet bring more harm or help?
    • Could gender equality apply to all areas of life?
    • Should schools set obligatory religious classes?
    • Is online dating breaking the institution of marriage?
    • Is autocratic leadership better for a country’s development?
    • Is religion the biggest reason for wars in Asia?
    • Should sex education become a regular class in school?
    • Is homework beneficial for kids?

    Debatable Topics for Research Paper

    Every good argumentative essay should take readers into debates. So here are some ideas of debatable topics in argumentative research papers.

    • Does gun control decrease the level of criminality?
    • Could prisoners be allowed to vote?
    • Is income inequality connected with gender inequality?
    • Is a four-day workweek efficient?
    • Is productivity better when working from home?
    • Can video games become a sport?
    • Does social media bring more harm or help to society?
    • Can bloggers be considered influencers?
    • Are grades at schools motivating and necessary for the educational process?
    • Should companies offer paid parental leave?
    • Is it always better to study at private schools rather than public ones?
    • Should smoking be considered illegal?
    • Which age should people start voting?
    • May the tax system be changed?
    • May all people switch to electric cars?

    Argumentative Research Paper Topics for College Students

    College students always puzzle over the argumentative research paper topics to write their research papers. Look at the argumentative research paper topics below and choose your best one.

    • Can a lie be justified if it will prevent conflict?
    • Should all colleges become free?
    • Is higher education a guarantee for a successful life?
    • Are e-books better than printed ones?
    • Should the healthcare sphere be free for everyone?
    • Should income be proportionally correlated with the degree achieved?
    • Does society nowadays suffer from slavery?
    • Do schools do enough to protect children from bullying?
    • Should disabled students have special attention and attitude from teachers?
    • Is it acceptable for professors to force students to buy their books?
    • Do men and women react emotionally the same?
    • Should space be explored more?
    • Can a person succeed without getting a higher education?
    • Is remote studying more efficient?
    • Should technology replace teachers?

    Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

    Our list of topics in an argumentative research paper is not complete. Yes, you can follow on and learn more argumentative research paper topic ideas on how to form the topic for your research paper.

    • Will the LGTBQ community become acceptable and equal in all countries?
    • Can people own a gun?
    • Can all people become equal?
    • What is the best economic system?
    • Should the presidents be only men?
    • May illegal immigrants become residents?
    • Should genetic cloning become massive?
    • May cyberbullying be considered on a government level?
    • Should all students have a gap year to explore their interests?
    • May people with terminal illnesses be offered a suicide pill?

    Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

    Before writing a research paper, there are not always enough argumentative topic ideas to choose from. However, we can back you up here and offer you more and more argumentative topic suggestions.

    • Does playing sports fluence students’ academic performance?
    • Do people who follow a healthy lifestyle live longer?
    • Should high school students take a part-time job?
    • Do teachers have to get higher salaries?
    • May students grade teachers?
    • Should parents be contacted in case kids don’t have high grades?
    • Can celebrities be limited in their salary?
    • Can women be allowed to become a part of men’s teams?
    • Is dancing a sport?
    • Should steroids be prohibited?

    Controversial Topics for Argumentative Research Paper

    Are you looking for some argumentative research paper topics that would have several points of view? Then check our controversial topics in the argumentative research paper below.

    • Are modern people dependent on technology?
    • Do cell phones cause illnesses because of radiation?
    • Do horror films and violent shows cause mental health issues?
    • Can public prayers be obligatory at schools?
    • Do modern children have worse behavior than in the past?
    • Should the schools provide sex education as a regular class?
    • Can creationism replace the evolution theory?
    • Will the English language be forever the first world language?
    • Does religion cause wars?
    • Should college admission be that competitive?

    Argumentative Research Paper Ideas: Bonus Topics

    And if you still can not decide on the perfect topic for your argumentative research paper, we prepared these bonus ideas topics. Here they are:

    • Can sport of some kind be harmful?
    • Is there gender inequality in the education sphere?
    • Can cheerleading be a natural kind of sport?
    • Do the standardized tests show the actual level of students’ knowledge?
    • May people refuse treatment because of religion?
    • Can music influence the listeners’ behavior?
    • Is there genuine friendship between boys and girls?
    • Should depression be called a modern society illness?
    • Can people be divided into good and bad ones?
    • Is immigration beneficial for the economy?

    You can start the writing process as soon as you choose your perfect argumentative research paper topic. We can help you with that and create your research according to the highest quality standards. Use our write my paper services and relieve yourself from stress.

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