Law Essay Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 21, 2023
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Table of contents

    70 Law Essay Topics

    1. The concept and features of the rule of law.
    2. What can be the legal status of a person?
    3. The main legal systems of modernity.
    4. American legal system.
    5. The concept, grounds, and types of legal liability.
    6. Civil law and its basic principles.
    7. The concept and meaning of the principles of civil law.
    8. Individuals as subjects of civil law.
    9. Legal capacity of individuals in civil law.
    10. Social norms: concept and types.

    10 Law School Essay Topics

    1. Legal capacity of minors.
    2. Atypical forms of government in modern states.
    3. Restriction of legal capacity of minors.
    4. The subject is in an administrative offense.
    5. Constitutional rights of man and citizen of America.
    6. Law basics.
    7. American legislature. Main functions and tasks.
    8. The right to private property in America.
    9. Bodies of municipal self-government: status and legal activity.
    10. Children’s rights in America.

    10 Criminal Law Essay Topics

    1. Roman contract law.
    2. The concept and types of legal relations. What happens after a criminal violation of rights?
    3. Violation of the law.
    4. Object in an administrative offense.
    5. Law enforcement activities, their types, and concepts.
    6. The concept and signs of crimes.
    7. Types of crimes. Categories of crimes.
    8. The concept and meaning of the corpus delicti.
    9. The concept and forms of guilt in criminal law.
    10. Age of prosecution.

    10 Business Law Essay Topics

    1. The concept of entrepreneurial activity.
    2. Patent law: general provisions.
    3. The concept and types of commercial and non-commercial legal entities.
    4. Bankruptcy.
    5. The concept and types of civil law transactions in the business sphere.
    6. Invalidity of transactions. Forms of business transactions and their legal impact.
    7. Intellectual property. How to legally protect intellectual property or services?
    8. The concept and types of the employment contract.
    9. Transfer to another job. Termination of an employment contract.
    10. Termination of the employment contract at the initiative of the employee. Termination of the employment contract at the initiative of the employer.

    10 Law Enforcement Essay Topics

    1. What are law enforcement agencies?
    2. What goals can law enforcement agencies achieve in protecting people’s rights?
    3. The concept of law enforcement.
    4. Law enforcement functions.
    5. Investigation of offenses and administration of justice.
    6. Public order protection. What does it consist of in a modern state?
    7. How can legal assistance be provided by law enforcement agencies?
    8. Paramilitary Law Enforcement.
    9. The history of the creation of law enforcement agencies.
    10. How to evaluate the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies?

    10 Law of Life Essay Topics

    1. The right to life as the most universally recognized, natural, and inalienable human right.
    2. Why do some countries deprive people of the right to life?
    3. When and how was the right to life proclaimed?
    4. What does the right to life include?
    5. How has the right to life contributed to the decline in child mortality?
    6. Execution ban. Which countries do not respect the right to life?
    7. When is the use of force allowed?
    8. Protecting the lives of those under the jurisdiction of a particular state.
    9. Abortion and Euthanasia. How do they relate to the right to life?
    10. How is the right to life related to the level of quality of life?

    10  Law Argumentative Essay Topics

    1. The impact of artificial intelligence on intellectual property rights.
    2. The Role of social media in shaping freedom of speech laws.
    3. Striking a balance between economic growth and sustainability.
    4. The ethics of genetic engineering and Its implications for human rights.
    5. The privacy paradox. Balancing national security and individual privacy rights.
    6. The legality and ethics of autonomous vehicles on public roads.
    7. Rethinking drug laws. Decriminalization vs. Criminalization.
    8. The role of blockchain technology in revolutionizing contract law.
    9. The legalization of assisted suicide. A moral and legal dilemma.
    10. The intersection of technology and privacy rights in the digital age.

    10 Law Essay Topics Ideas

    1. Institute of Patronage in Civil Law.
    2. The concept and features of a legal entity. Legal personality of legal entities.
    3. The concept and types of legal entities.
    4. The concept and types of civil law contracts.
    5. The concept of property rights. The concept and types of property rights.
    6. The concept and types of objects of civil law.
    7. The concept and types of things as objects of civil law.
    8. Intangible goods as objects of civil law.
    9. Compensation for moral damage.
    10. Protection of honor, dignity, business reputation.

    Tips on How to Select Law Essay Topics

    Law can be viewed from different perspectives. From the side of the scientist, the law will be an object of knowledge. The scientific approach to the content of law will combine the historical, political, and social components. A person interested in law as science will observe its historical development, namely, how people treated the concept of law. In terms of the political component, the law will be an integral tool of any politician. After all, it is on the law that the management of any state is based, whether it is the right to personally rule or choose the one who will do it.

    As for the social component, then, undoubtedly, we can say that any society, be it a huge corporation or a student council in a small university, is built on legal norms. These norms can be both traditions and fixed provisions in documents that have legal force.

    As you noticed, this topic is very extensive and requires a lot of time to understand and further study in a particular direction. And of course, you will be faced with the need to write an essay. How to choose the best theme from the many options?! We can help you. Below you can find many interesting essay topics.

    Finding the best theme can take you a long time if you choose the wrong one. We advise you to choose 3-5 themes that you liked the most at first sight. Then, with these topics, you have to choose the topic in which you are most confident. You must understand that in order to write a quality essay, you need to have quality information that you must prepare. In the future, it will be much easier for you to write an essay giving high-quality and reliable arguments in favor of any issue.

    If you are not confident in your abilities, then you can always contact your teacher. Based on your program, you will be able to choose an essay topic based on a specific course of your university studies.


    But if you couldn’t find the best of all essay topics for law, our experts can help you with the choice. And also on our website, you can order a write my paper service on any topic. Authors with legal education will complete the task quickly and efficiently, so fill out the application as soon as possible and be sure of a good grade!

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    Law Essay Topics

    The concept and features of the rule of law. What can be the legal status of a person? The main legal systems of modernity. American legal system. The concept, grounds, and types of legal liability. Civil law and its basic...
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