Art Research Paper Topics

May 5, 2023
Updated: May 5, 2023
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    Art Research Paper Topics

    Students of art specializations also have to write research papers and develop their thesis. But the paper topic selection step might be the most challenging part of this process. Since there are so many intriguing and captivating topics about artworks, it is pretty complicated to focus only on one subject. That is why we created this list of best research paper topics about art to make your choice easier.

    How to Select the Best Art Research Paper Topics?

    The right choice doesn’t happen at once. You have to follow the algorithm to structurize everything in your head and come up with the most suitable paper topic for you. However, this can be easier with our research paper topic guide below, which you can stick to in your art research paper writing process.

    Single Out One Art Branch

    There are multiple choices of research paper topics when it comes to researching artworks. Thus, in the beginning, you must pick a specific artwork branch to narrow your choice of research paper topic. For example, you can choose between literature, music, film, visual arts, and performing. And then, you can build your looking-for process around a specific art branch.

    Brainstorm Topics

    At this step of research paper topic selection, you can get a piece of paper and write down all the works, subjects, and visual images in your head. You can write even the most unusual things or those that sound pretty simple to be researched. Of course, the reader will prefer to read about an extraordinary research paper topic rather than the work of light in the “Mona Lisa” painting for the hundredth time.

    Give Your Ideas an Estimation

    So you are standing in front of multiple unusual paper topics, and the choice is still unclear. Since you will have to write whole research, not even an essay, on the research paper topic you pick up, selecting the one that will be easy to write about is essential. For example, you can exclude those research paper topics that don’t have a solid scope of literature. Otherwise, you will not be able to build your research appropriately.

    Use Your Feelings

    Indeed, when it comes to artworks, you can rely on your feelings about the subject you wish to pick up. Unlike science subjects, where everything should be logical and structured, you can give freedom to your emotions in artwork. Thus, the most suitable paper topic will be the one that responds to your heart.

    List of Art Research Paper Topics

    It is always easier to choose when you have research paper topic ideas to stick to. Here you can find the list of engaging research paper topics about art.

    • Is graffiti real art?
    • Modern art is a different way of looking at the world.
    • Digital arts and their development.
    • Philosophy of art and its role in modern art.
    • Can art serve as propaganda?
    • Art deco textile and art nouveau: the differences and similarities.
    • Bauhaus movement and its concept.
    • Censorship is a limitation for artists.
    • Is art therapy effective?
    • The difference between Hollywood and Bollywood.
    • Exploring the Bible’s motives in Leonardo Da Vinci’s works.
    • How is the Mayan culture depicted in artwork?
    • The art in the Nazis and Soviets.
    • Mesoamerican and Egyptian pyramids: a comparative analysis.
    • The history and development of printmaking through the decades.
    • The role of sculptures in ancient Greece.
    • Can photography be considered an artwork?
    • Venetian carnival masks: the history and their significance for art.
    • Pop art and its leader Andy Warhol.
    • Discovering feminist art through the figure of Judy Chicago.

    Interesting Art Research Paper Topics

    When discussing the right choice of research paper topics about art, it is worth mentioning that the topic can rise from any era in the past: ancient Greece and Rome, Egyptian culture, Renaissance, or modern cultural movements. Blowing your head over these significant periods is easy to choose the most appealing research paper topic. No worries, though. We gathered more topics for you below.

    • How did musical instruments form in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia?
    • The connection between Egyptian pyramids and Mayan pyramids.
    • The Inca civilization and its impact on modern artwork.
    • The role of religion in artwork through history.
    • How is the Trojan war depicted in the artwork of Greece?
    • The impact of science on ancient Greek sculptures.
    • Chinese artifacts and their impact on artworks.
    • The dance as an art: its history and development.
    • Funerary art in ancient Egypt: portraits and rituals.
    • Sumerian art and its contribution to artworks.
    • Discovering and curing mental illnesses through artwork therapy.
    • Techniques used in artwork therapy.
    • Children’s art therapy: is this a way to overcome trauma and abuse?
    • Group art therapy and its effectiveness.
    • The scientific ground in artwork therapy.

    World Art Research Paper Topics

    No matter which country we choose, there is always a lot to write about and research its local artists and art movements. However, we can point you in the right direction by giving you some world research paper topics about art.

    • Prehistoric art and its description of the culture and humankind.
    • The art of Japanese calligraphy: hidden meaning and styles.
    • Hindi cinematograph: its unique features and styles.
    • The connection between modern dance and contemporary dance.
    • The impact of African-American culture on the development of modern art.
    • Traditional costumes in China and Japan: a piece of art.
    • Nomad Asian tribes clothing: the art of fashion.
    • Irani culture and its connection to Irani cinema.
    • Is artwork connected between different cultures?
    • Trouveres and Troubadours and their impact on the development of European culture.
    • Camera obscura: the beginning of modern photography.
    • Selfies as a unique art of self-portraits.
    • Islamic architecture: styles and influence on the art of the West.
    • Roman architecture: the ancestor to the modern architecture design.
    • African architecture and its sustainability.

    Research Paper Topics on Minimalism Art

    You can always choose one direction from jumping on different topics, like minimalism, and digging into that research paper topic deeper. Here you will find ideas for topics on minimalist artwork.

    • Minimalism artworks: development and features.
    • Discovering the country-creator of minimalism: Japan.
    • Minimalism in Specific Objects by Donald Judd.
    • Simplicity in minimalism artworks.
    • Prevailing monochrome colors in minimalism.
    • Is minimalism a natural or artificial art?
    • Are minimalist artists limited in this art?
    • Industrial materials minimalist artists use.
    • Modern advertisement and minimalism artwork.
    • Concise and functional nature in minimalism.

    Renaissance Art History Research Paper Topics

    The Renaissance era is always a great area for doing research. Even though many scientists have extensively explored this research paper topic, there will be enough information to build a new research paper. Don’t miss the attractive Renaissance research paper topics about art.

    • A human and its nature are the central vision in Renaissance artwork.
    • Renaissance architecture explored.
    • A position of an artist in the Renaissance era.
    • Michelangelo: a central artist of the epoch.
    • Science and its impact on Renaissance culture.
    • New styles and techniques in Renaissance architecture.
    • Fresco is a new symbol of Renaissance church design.
    • Renaissance literature: features and characteristics.
    • Where are art and music connected in the Renaissance epoch?
    • “The Birth of Venus”: hidden meanings revealed.

    Art History Research Paper Topics

    Don’t you think that you can make great discoveries in artwork history? We created a list of 10 research paper topics about art history.

    • English portrait in the 18th century: prominent features.
    • Chinese art in the Feudalism era.
    • An analysis of romantic literature.
    • The history of Gothic architecture style creation.
    • Artistic styles of the 19th century.
    • The history of sculpture in ancient Egypt.
    • Hellenistic period architecture.
    • Is the 20th century a crisis for the culture?
    • Byzantine culture is the origin of European culture.
    • Surrealism and its features.

    Art Research Paper Ideas

    You might have already come up with a perfect research paper topic until this moment of our article. But it will be superfluous to give some more ideas on the research paper topics about art. Here are some good research paper topics:

    • Don’t try to choose your topic at once.
    • Always stay in the circle of your interest.
    • Research a research paper topic that is already familiar to you.
    • Learn some sources before picking up a specific topic.
    • Don’t be afraid to choose a creative topic.
    • Follow the writing structure.
    • Make your paper sound coherent and logical.
    • Use quotations and references but don’t write them as your own.
    • Be sure to proofread your research paper.
    • Feel free to use online writing help.

    From choosing the research paper topic to editing a final draft, we can always help you! Our writers will provide you with the best quality paper so you won’t have to spend your free time discovering the artwork topics. Don’t you feel sure about ordering a research paper from professional writers? Then go on and contact our “write my paper” 24/7 support team in case you have any doubts!

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