Dance Research Paper Topics

May 5, 2023
Updated: May 28, 2023
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    Original & Engaging Dance Research Paper Topics

    There are a lot of aspects you can cover in your dance research paper. For example, you can choose a specific dancer that was famous or significantly contributed to the development of specific dancing techniques. Or, you can write about modern dancing styles, their characteristics, and history.

    How to Select the Best Dance Research Paper Topic?

    The variety of research papers about styles, techniques, history, and other aspects is wide, and sometimes it is challenging to select only one subject. But we are here to help you with it. So please keep reading to find helpful advice on selecting a research paper topic and some of our ideas for your paper.

    Tips on Choosing the Best Dance Research Paper Topic

    Choosing an interesting topic is essential for creating a good paper, as professors usually appreciate original works. Thus, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the subject and find new topics and current issues in performing arts to understand what you should focus on in your research. To choose an engaging topic for your paper, keep in mind the following tips:

    • A perfect topic should be not too broad and not too narrow. You can create a comprehensive research paper without exceeding the requested word count.
    • Focus on your interests. Please don’t choose a boring topic, as it will make the research and writing process way more difficult for you.
    • Make sure there is enough data for conducting in-depth research. Otherwise, your research paper will not be as detailed and exciting as you want.

    To ensure your topic is the best, you can request assistance from our writers. Then, all you need is to describe which aspects are interesting for you, and we will come up with an ideal topic for a research paper.

    Useful Sources With Fresh and Interesting Topic Ideas for Dance Research Paper

    Wondering where to look for engaging topic ideas? Here are a lot of sources that can help you, but we want to share with you the most useful ones:

    • News about dancing in online newspapers
    • Dancing forums and websites
    • Academic articles and journals.

    If you don’t want or don’t have enough time to search through all these sources, you can ask us for help. We are ready to assist all students who need any academic writing help. So please place your order or call us now, and our experts will help you to choose the best topic and create an A+ research paper.

    List of Dance Research Paper Topics — 15 Great Ideas

    Instead of wasting hours searching for decent research paper topics about dance, you can look at the lists we prepared for you. Below, you will find original ideas that can become the main focus of your research.

    • Jive Technique: Common Mistakes Among Beginner Dancers
    • How Do Contemporary Dances Improve Creative Thinking?
    • Choreography and Film Techniques: How Dances Add Meaning to Movies
    • Diversity of Traditional Dancing in Asia: China, Japan, India, and the Philippines
    • Folk Dances & Hip Hop: Main Differences and Similarities
    • Dance Injuries in Teens and How to Prevent Them
    • What Dancing Style Tell Us About People’s Personalities
    • Establishing a New Dancing School: Initial Steps and Challenges
    • Children Dancing Classes: Methods for Teaching a Pop Dance Class.
    • Children’s Emotional Growth and Ballroom Dancing: What Is the Connection?
    • Techniques and Artistic Decisions Used by Dancer Gregory Hines
    • Ballet Pas de Deux Exhibition: Connection Between Dancing and Architecture
    • What Practical Skills Can We Learn From Dancing?
    • Eclecticism and Stylization in Modern Dancing
    • How Are Dancing Styles Chosen for Singers?

    10 Dance History Research Paper Topics

    Dances have a long history, and it can be exciting to investigate the stages of development of different styles. Here are some ideas for a history research paper.

    • The History of the Philippine Traditional Dances
    • Dances of Medieval People: Techniques and Styles
    • Dancing Styles of Famous Singers Throughout the History
    • Folk Dancing of Slavic People: How Did They Change?
    • Hip Hop Dancing: How Did They Become Popular?
    • The Development of Musical Theaters: From Middle Ages to the 21st Century
    • Viennese Waltz: History of Creation and Interesting Facts
    • The Overview of the Dance Scene in the 17th and 18th Centuries
    • Origin of African American Dancing Style
    • What is the background of tap dancing?

    10 Modern Dance Research Paper Topics

    In the last decades, many new dancing styles have been created. Their history and characteristics can become great topics for your research.

    • Dances Today: What Are the Most Popular Types of Dancing?
    • Research of Types of K-Pop Dancing Movements
    • The Most Famous American Dancers of Our Time
    • Relation of Music and Dances: How Does Modern Music Impact the Development of Dancing Styles?
    • Modern Dances Inspired by African Traditional Dancing Movements
    • The Impact of High Heels Dance on Health
    • Incorporating Social Dances Into Athletic and Artistic Performances
    • Pop Dance Growth Over the Decades
    • Reasons for the Global Popularity of Electronic Dancing Music
    • Teaching Contemporary Dancing: Practices, Opinions, and Guidelines.

    10 Popular Dance Research Paper Topics in 2023

    • The Evolution of Contemporary Dance.
    • Cultural Appropriation in Dance. Balancing Appreciation and Respect.
    • The Impact of Dance on Mental and Emotional Well-being.
    • Gender Representation in Ballet. Breaking Stereotypes and Embracing Diversity.
    • Exploring the Intersection of Dance and Technology.
    • The Role of Dance in Social Activism and Community Engagement.
    • Dance Education. Strategies for Enhancing Teaching and Learning Methods.
    • The Significance of Dance in Rituals and Celebrations Across Cultures.
    • Dance and Aging. Promoting Healthy Aging and Well-being Through Movement.
    • Analyzing the Influence of Dance on Popular Culture and Media.

    10 Unique & Engaging Dance Research Paper Ideas

    Are you looking for something exciting and original to surprise your professor? Here are some topic ideas that will make your paper stand out from others.

    • Tik Tok Dance Phenomenon: The Secret of Success
    • Sub Styles of Bachata and Other Latin Dances
    • The Positive Impact of Dancing on Mental Health
    • The World’s Most Famous Tango Performers
    • Evaluation of Dancing Performances: Main Principles and Criteria
    • The Most Challenging Dancing Styles: From Ballet to Capoeira
    • The Uniqueness of Folk Dancing Around the World and Their Significance for Each Culture
    • Ballroom: The Main Rules and Purpose of the Female Dress Code
    • Inclusive Ballroom: How to Teach Dancing Classes for People With Disability
    • What Are the Drawbacks and Benefits of Dancing for the Body?

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