Biology Research Paper Topics

May 5, 2023
Updated: May 28, 2023
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    Biology Research Paper Topics Ideas for Students

    Biology is an exciting and broad field with many research opportunities. There are always plenty of developments and issues that can become a central theme of a research paper. But, such diversity usually confuses students who must select only one research topic.

    If you’re a biology student who needs to come up with a topic for a research paper, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out how to select the perfect topic for a biology research paper.

    How to Select the Best Biology Research Paper Topic?

    What Subfields of Biology to Research?

    Before selecting from numerous existing biology issues, deciding what subdiscipline of biology you’re interested in is better. Of course, if your professor provided specific instructions and defined a field of research, you can skip this step and move to choose a topic for your research paper.

    However, if you didn’t get any guidelines, you can choose any of the various branches of biology. Here are some of the options we can recommend to you:

    • Molecular biology
    • Human biology
    • Marine biology
    • Ecology
    • Cell biology
    • Botany
    • Zoology.

    But you can always rely on us if you’re unsure about what subject you want to research. Our expert writers will consult you and help you select an exciting research branch.

    Tips on Choosing a Perfect Topic

    Once you decide what subdisciplines you’re interested in, choosing the best topic for your research paper will be much easier. But, there are still some tricks from professionals that help to choose the suitable theme for your research paper even quicker. Here are our best tips for you:

    • Learn what significant issues and latest developments take place in the area of study you chose by reviewing scientific journals, articles, forums, etc. It will help to figure out what topic has enough data for research.
    • Don’t choose biology topics that are already well-researched. Your professor might have read plenty of research papers on the most trending topics, so you better choose something fresh.
    • Make sure your topic is narrow enough so you can cover all aspects of it and create a comprehensive paper.

    By following these tips, you will find the best topic for your biology research paper. However, remember that we are always ready to assist you with any academic writing assignment. Call us now, and our specialist will help you choose a perfect biology research paper topic!

    List of Biology Research Paper Topics — 25 Great Ideas

    If you’re out of ideas even after browsing numerous sources, look at our list of topics and ideas. We collected the most exciting research paper topics about biology and want to share these ideas to inspire you to write an engaging paper.

    • Essential Concepts of Natural Selection
    • Can DNA Testing Be a Key to COVID-19 Treatment?
    • How Climate Changes Increase the Likelihood of Pandemics
    • The Biology of Memory Failure
    • Biopsychology of Learning
    • Sugar Addiction: How It Works?
    • Impact of Climate Changes on Bird Migration Patterns
    • Climate Change’s Consequences on Biodiversity
    • Gene Therapy in the Treatment of Diabetes
    • Male Pregnancy in Different Animal Species
    • Cell Membranes Function at Different Temperatures
    • How Microbes Are Adjusting to the Effects of Air Pollution
    • Consequences of Taking Out Animals of Their Natural Habitat
    • Natural Boosts of Endorphins
    • Oxytocin Science’s Latest Advancements
    • Does the Brain Have the Capacity to Cure Itself?
    • Temperature Ecosystems and Sustainable Agroecology
    • The Growing Problem of Home Pets Obesity
    • How Neurobiology Explains Dreaming
    • Turner Syndrome
    • The History of Laboratory Leaks and Bioweapons
    • Coral Reefs’ Effects on Biology
    • Alternative Therapies vs. Conventional Therapies
    • Human Effects of Plant Illness
    • How Hormones Affect Anxiety.

    20 Biology Research Paper Topics for College Students

    It is impossible to imagine studying biology in college without writing at least one research paper. Thus, let us give you some examples of great biology topics that are perfect for college-level research papers.

    • Natural Treatments for Candida Skin Infections
    • Cancer Research and Discovery: Major Milestones
    • What Are Psychosomatic Disorders?
    • Kallmann Syndrome
    • Prospects of the Future of Genetic Engineering
    • Blood Type and Pregnancy
    • Biological Explanation of Fear
    • Bipolar Disorder: Explained Biologically
    • Microbiology of the Sea
    • Changes in the Environment’s Impact on Species Diversity
    • Allergen Structural Biology
    • Food Security Without Harming the Environment
    • Methods of Decreasing Chemical Contaminants in Soil
    • How Do Exercises Boost Hormones Level?
    • Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: Recent Evidence
    • Libido and Stress
    • Humans’ Relationships With Their Pet Birds
    • Is Cancer Really Terminal?
    • Animal Testing’s Ethical Considerations
    • Importance of Honeybees in the Ecosystem.

    15 Human Biology Research Paper Topics

    Human biology encompasses all aspects of the human organism, from anatomy to genetics. That’s why there are a lot of researchable topics that can be used as a theme for your academic paper. Here are some great ideas from our expert writers:

    • Causes of Autoimmune Diseases
    • What Impact Does Stress Have on the Immune System?
    • The Importance of Gut Health in the Mental Disorder Treatment
    • Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome
    • Impact of Cannabinoids on the Skeleton
    • How Does Rock Music Impact the Human Brain?
    • Magnetic Fields’ Impact on Blood Pressure
    • Is It Possible to Stop Aging?
    • Clinical Death
    • The Phenomenon of Meteo-Dependence
    • Immunization Process
    • How Does Your Brain Regulate Your Actions?
    • How Can a Person Die From Freezing?
    • The Psychological Elements That Have an Impact on Health
    • Metabolism Disorders.

    15 Cell Biology Research Paper Topics

    Are you interested in writing about living cells, their functions, structure, and life cycle? Take a look at the list of the best cell biology research paper topic ideas then:

    • What Impact Do Bacteria Have on Cells?
    • Stem Cells and Their Unique Function
    • Cancer Treatments and the Importance of Cell Research
    • Bones Healing
    • Cancer Cell Cannibalism
    • Treatment of Damaged Nerve Cells
    • Cellular Respiration
    • How Do Cells Adapt to Environmental Changes?
    • How Cells React to Hunger
    • Cell Treatment Development Possibilities
    • Tissue Engineering: What Is It?
    • Cellular Defense Mechanisms
    • The Role of White Blood Cells in Disease Resistance
    • The Differences Between Animal and Plant Cells
    • How Super-Resolution Microscopes Impact Cell Biology.

    15 Molecular Biology Research Paper Topics

    There are always a lot of exciting developments and unsolved issues related to molecular biology. So if you’re looking for a current researchable issue, take a look at these ideas:

    • Gene Therapy: Treatment Approach for Genetic Diseases
    • Why Is Dna Arranged in a Double-Helix Spiral?
    • How Do Some Genetic Variants Predispose You to Higher Sensitivity and Stress?
    • Troponin-Tropomyosin’s Role in Pathological Conditions
    • Antibiotics That Block Bacterial Dna and Mechanisms for Resistance
    • Can the Damage Done to the Human DNA Be Repaired?
    • How Are Medications Created for People?
    • Degeneracy of the Code: What Does That Mean?
    • What Does Nucleic Acid Hybridization Serve?
    • The Telomerase Enzyme’s Mechanism of Action
    • Why Do Mutations Result From DNA Methylation?
    • What Molecules Are Involved in the Control of Transcription?
    • Timeline and Facts of the Human Genome Project
    • Stages of DNA Translation
    • Single Gene Disorders.

    10 Plant Biology Research Paper Topic

    1. Unraveling the mechanisms of plant hormone signaling and response.
    2. Exploring the role of phytochemicals in medicinal plants and their potential applications.
    3. Investigating the impact of climate change on plant adaptation and distribution patterns.
    4. Understanding plant-microbe interactions.
    5. Analyzing the genetic basis of plant disease resistance and developing resilient crop varieties.
    6. Studying the physiology of plant stress responses.
    7. Examining the role of plant secondary metabolites in defense against herbivores.
    8. Investigating plant development.
    9. Uncovering the mechanisms of photosynthesis and improving crop yield and efficiency.
    10. Exploring plant genetic engineering.

    10 Controversial Biology Research Paper Ideas

    Topics that cause a lot of debate among scientists can be a good choice for your research paper topic. Here are some ideas you can use to create a top-notch biology paper:

    • Abortion and Feminism: Is There a Connection?
    • How Public Opinion Restricts Scientific Advancement
    • Use of Testosterone for Disease Prevention for Women
    • How DNA Alterations in Humans to Improve Our Skills Can Fight Cancer Yet Present an Ethical Conundrum
    • Ethical Dilemmas of Kidney Donation
    • Risks of Usage of Synthetic Hormones
    • Legal Issues of Cloning
    • Urotherapy: Is It Good for Health?
    • Depression: Normal State of a Medical Problem?
    • Tanning and Skin Protection.

    If you find some topics beyond your current skills or background, you can write, “do my paper for me” in the search engine or on our website and get rapid feedback from our specialists. We have experts competent in various fields and active 24/7 to take and perform your order at a decent level. If you need to handle your essay within strict deadlines or requirements, fill out the order form and purchase top assistance from our writers!

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