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May 4, 2023
Updated: May 4, 2023
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    100 Best Brave New World Essay Topics in 2023

    “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, published in 1932, is one of the most influential dystopian novels. Not only does it describe the possible nightmares of the so-called perfect future state, but also makes the reader realize that the book’s problematics is always up-to-date. That is why this book is a must-read – the reader is frightened by the described state of affairs and gets even more terrified when he notices some similarities with reality.

    This masterpiece is definitely not an easily perceived book. It’s long, sometimes devastating, with a lot of philosophical dilemmas. For this reason, writing an essay about “Brave New World” is an enthralling and complicated assignment at the same time. For a better start, check some short tips on how to choose the best topic for you and HUNDRED ready-to-use creative ideas!

    Tips on How to Select the Best Brave New World Essay Topic?

    First and most importantly, it is always a good idea to write about what touches you. Luckily, “Brave New World” leaves no one indifferent. This means that the book has a lot of aspects that may trigger you, not always in a pleasant way. So don’t hesitate to pick a topic based on your feelings, even if something genuinely disgusts you.

    After that make sure that your topic is broad enough to meet the volume requirement for the essay. For instance, one aspect of the character’s personality may be a bit too narrow for the whole essay, so you will have to widen the topic to analyze the character’s personality in general or add some more sides as situations, decisions, etc.

    Finally, an essay is a great opportunity to express your point of view. Because of this, you will benefit from choosing a topic that will allow you to do so. You are able not to retell the plot but to tell what you think about the World State, for example, not to analyze the problematics but to relate to it.

    Who Curates Our List of Brave New World Essay Topics?

    If you still experience difficulties selecting a topic for your essay, we have made up some lists for you. They were composed by our experts to give you a better understanding of the spheres you can elaborate on. These topics are the best manually written and selected by professionals and thus will boost your creative potential.

    20 Most Vital Brave New World Essay Questions in 2023

    1. What is the main message in «Brave New World»?
    2. Why Ford is so significant for the World State?
    3. How are children created and raised in “Brave New World”?
    4. Hypnopaedic as the main means of propaganda in “Brave New World”
    5. Did you like the ending of the book? Why?
    6. How technology is used to control society in “Brave New World”?
    7. The main features of a dystopia in “Brave New World”
    8. How is individuality killed in the World State?
    9. Lessons to be learned from “Brave New World”
    10. Why there isn’t any art (in common sense) in the World State?
    11. The main themes of “Brave New World”
    12. The price for happiness in “Brave New World”
    13. What are the reasons for Bernard’s and Helmholtz’s exile?
    14. The caste system in the World State
    15. The immoral society of “Brave New World”
    16. What are the main features of John?
    17. What are the main features of Bernard Marx?
    18. What are the main features of Helmholtz Watson?
    19. What are the main features of Mustapha Mond?
    20. What are the main features of Lenina Crowe?

    20 Good Brave New World Essay Topics For College

    1. The problem of Mustapha Mond’s choice of becoming one of the World Controllers
    2. Is there something in common between our world and “Brave New World?
    3. The significance of William Shakespeare for John
    4. “Brave New World”: incompatibility vs happiness
    5. Two truths in “Brave New World”
    6. The dangers of a World State in “Brave New World”
    7. How is individuality seen by the World State and why is it considered to be incompatible with happiness? Is this true?
    8. The problem of mass media in “Brave New World”
    9. Why did Bernard decide to give up his struggle to feel “more me”?
    10. Pneumatic body and pneumatic chair: attitude toward sexuality in “Brave New World”
    11. Alienation of the main characters as the driving force of the narrative
    12. Who are the protagonists in “Brave New World”?
    13. Why did everyone in “Brave New World”, who has been given a choice of how to live, reject the idea of seeking truth though they wanted to?
    14. References to Shakespeare in “Brave New World”
    15. Freud’s doctrine in “Brave New World”
    16. Is fake happiness better than suffering?
    17. Are people in “Brave New World” the victims of the systems or its culprits?
    18. Science and politics in “Brave New World”
    19. Is the society of the World State truly self-conscious?
    20. The picture of females in the World State

    20 Best Essay Topics About Brave New World

    1. How did “Brave New World” affect science-fiction?
    2. Why is “Brave New World” criticized?
    3. Is it true that “Brave New World” is plagiarized from “We” by Zamyatin?
    4. The historical context of “Brave New World”
    5. Why is the novel about a utopian society dystopian?
    6. Literary devices in “Brave New World”
    7. The conflict between John and Lenina
    8. Depiction of the setting in “Brave New World”
    9. Symbols in “Brave New World”
    10. Allusions in “Brave New World”
    11. Sarcasm and irony in “Brave New World”
    12. Metaphors in “Brave New World”
    13. Emotions in “Brave New World”
    14. Why is “Brave New World” worth reading nowadays?
    15. The impact of “Brave New World” on society
    16. Comparison of “Brave New World” and another dystopia of your choice
    17. Why did Huxley add a foreword to the book in 1946?
    18. Which authors does Huxley refer to in “Brave New World”?
    19. The characteristic of the World State
    20. How would the moral of the novel change if John remained alive?

    20 Serious Brave New World Essay Topics

    1. Would you like to live in a society described in “Brave New World”? Why?
    2. The consumerism in “Brave New World”
    3. Is Mustapha Mond a victim or a criminal?
    4. The problem of drug addiction in “Brave New World”
    5. The World State and humanity: love vs sex
    6. Reproductive rights in “Brave New World”
    7. The problem of propaganda in the World State
    8. What makes people happy in “Brave New World” (apart from the soma)?
    9. Why did John kill himself?
    10. Why suffering is considered to be an integral part of a well-developed individual? Is it true?
    11. Hedonism as a lifestyle in “Brave New World”
    12. Gender discrimination in the World State
    13. What is the most difficult choice a character makes in “Brave New World” from your perspective?
    14. The problem of freedom in the World State
    15. Linda’s tragedy
    16. Is Bokanovsky Process totally inappropriate?
    17. Can the World State be considered a successful project?
    18. Why is the concept of a family destroyed by the World State?
    19. Why science has to be restrained according to Mustapha Mond?
    20. The World State as a political allegory

    20 Interesting Brave New World Essay Ideas

    1. Is “Brave New World” still actual? Why?
    2. In your opinion, which features of “Brave New World” will be incarnated in our future?
    3. Dehumanization in “Brave New World”
    4. Which character do you relate with most? Why?
    5. Would you sacrifice your comfort for autonomy as it was proposed to Bernard?
    6. What are some good features of the society in “Brave New World”?
    7. Were there anyways for the society or specific individuals to break the system of the World State?
    8. Ford as the new God in “Brave New World”
    9. Values in “Brave New World”
    10. Why is suffering crucial for personality development according to Huxley?
    11. The nightmares of the future
    12. Why “mother” and “father” are swear words in “Brave New World”
    13. Who is in charge of the awful system in “Brave New World”, society, or the World State?
    14. Is happiness seen as the main purpose of life in “Brave New World”? Do you agree?
    15. The consequences of using soma for a personality
    16. Do we have some kind of soma? The parallels with the reality
    17. Depression in “Brave New World”
    18. Do people have to be emotionless for a perfect society?
    19. What methods of controlling society from “Brave New World” are used in the world now?
    20. Nonconformity in “Brave New World”

    Writing Brave New World Essay Topics Too Stressful? Get Help From Essay Writer!

    We hope that our tips and topic examples inspired you to write a great essay. Nevertheless, if you still feel that this task is not your cup of tea, feel free to contact us “write my paper for me” and get the best essay written for you by a professional. Just pick a topic and we will do all the rest work to provide you with a good mark.

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