Chemistry Research Paper Topics

May 5, 2023
Updated: May 5, 2023
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    Chemistry Research Paper Topics

    Chemistry has always been a great field of discovery. While there are so many topics to dive into while writing a research paper, choosing the right one becomes very exhausting. Do I pick up a theme among organic chemistry research paper topics? Or do I have to conduct my research on biochemistry? We’ve gathered them all in our article below. So enjoy reading and choosing your future chemistry theme for the research paper!

    How to Select the Best Chemistry Research Paper Topics?

    Even though it seems to be pretty easy to choose a topic for a chemistry research paper, many students get stuck at this writing process stage. And this is not surprising since chemistry is a vast field for learning and the list of topics around this subject is enormous. However, this choice can be easier if you follow a specific chemistry paper topic selection process.

    • Define your field of interest. Needless to say that every chemistry student has a favorite topic for discussion in chemistry. And that is what you must focus on in your chemistry research paper topics selecting a stage. Only the chemistry research paper topic you feel passionate about will bring you confidence in writing.
    • Choose the chemistry area. To come closer to the right topic choice, you can exclude those topics that will not suit you. And you should start by picking up one area in chemistry. It can be organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, or other fields. It will narrow your multiple chemistry paper topic ideas in one direction.
    • Brainstorm the chemistry paper topic ideas. As soon as you realize the field, you will write about it in your research. You can start generating chemistry paper topic ideas. Write down everything that comes to your mind. This will help you to build some examples of chemistry research paper topics.
    • Learn the resources. If you want to conduct the research efficiently, you must pick a chemistry research paper topic based on multiple sources. So you should first find out whether there is enough solid literature for your topic and then choose your perfect one based on this factor.

    List of Chemistry Research Paper Topics

    Creating the chem research paper topic ideas with examples of actual topics is always easier. That is why you will find the top 20 topics for your chemistry research paper in this section.

    • How was oxygen discovered?
    • What are the properties of acids?
    • Analysis of neuroscience developments.
    • Science explanation of allergies.
    • Are pesticides harmful to humans?
    • Air pollution: chemicals we breathe.
    • The future of artificial organic tissues.
    • Are eco-friendly materials 100% safe?
    • The definition of environmental nanotoxicology.
    • E-cigarettes and usual ones: are some of them safer?
    • Synthetic food and its impact on the human body.
    • How do cells change with age?
    • The definition of the time-of-flight principle.
    • Analysis of successive ionization energies.
    • Principles of green chemistry.
    • Solutions for avoiding using pesticides in agriculture.
    • Electrocatalysis: a way to create fuel.
    • Noncovalent bonding types.
    • What is good about polymers and what to use them for?
    • Usage of cloud seeding.

    Organic Chemistry Research Topics

    If you are specifically interested in organic chemistry, you can easily find exciting chem research paper topics in this field. Some of the chemistry paper topics can be seen below.

    • How does the plan become poisonous?
    • The formation of an aerosol.
    • Chiral molecule: description of the properties.
    • The usage of polymers.
    • Progesterone as a birth control method.
    • Retin-A for acne treatment: efficiency and side effects.
    • How does nicotine influence the human body?
    • Chemical warfare: a threat for the world.
    • How to relieve pain with the help of chemical composition?
    • Vitamins and their chemical composition.
    • Methods to define organic compounds.
    • Reactions in the human body that alcohol causes.
    • Snow pollution and its dangerous impact.
    • The creation of hydrocarbon fuel.
    • Nucleophiles: what are they?

    Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

    In case you prefer to build your research in the inorganic chemistry area, we have also gathered engaging chem research paper topics that might be helpful for your choice.

    • How are the sapphires created?
    • The description of the complex and soft acids.
    • What is the crystal field theory?
    • How to measure lattice energy?
    • Nucleosynthesis types.
    • Molecule orbital hybridization explained.
    • The explanation of Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures.
    • Phosphorescence creation.
    • Multiple Proportions Law explanations.
    • How do chemicals bond?
    • The difference between organic compounds and inorganic compounds.
    • The usage of angular overlap model.
    • The impact of inorganic chemistry in the cosmetics industry.
    • How are the food industry and inorganic chemistry connected?
    • Chemicals’ effects on human health.

    Biochemistry Research Paper Topics

    Another exciting field you will find many topics to write about in your research paper is biochemistry. This area will be the most suitable for students who are deeply motivated to discover modern themes related to biochemistry. So here they are.

    • Chlorine exposure and its effect on the human body.
    • Proteins structure and features.
    • Hemophilia treatment.
    • The analysis of DNA replication.
    • The use of biochemistry for curing heart diseases.
    • How do cyanides impact the human body?
    • Biochemistry and its positive role in cancer treatment.
    • What is the role of lipids for a human?
    • Glucose conversion process with glycolysis.
    • Epigenetics and its positive role in the life of humans.

    Interesting Chem Research Paper Topics

    The chem research paper topic choice can be endless. Even after reading through hundreds of themes, you often don’t find your perfect one. So here we prepared for you a bonus of ten chem research paper topics.

    • The future of chemistry and gene modifications.
    • The creation of nanomaterials with the help of chemistry.
    • Production of biodegradable materials.
    • Fast food chemicals affect the human brain.
    • Simulation in molecules designing.
    • Creation of new alloy compounds.
    • Chemical engineering in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • The usage of nanophotonics in military applications.
    • Carbon emission in climate change.
    • Ways of improving the current recycling processes.

    Chemistry Research Paper Ideas

    You can start composing your paper as soon as you identify the most suitable chemistry research paper topic. This is a long writing process. However, following the guidelines can be much easier. Here is how you can build your chem research paper writing routine.

    • After choosing the topic, learn the literature related to your theme.
    • Prepare some practical examples to make your research sound professional.
    • Brainstorm the ideas of what you would like to write about in your research.
    • Create a structure for your paper.
    • Conduct research on the theme you have chosen.
    • Make your first draft.
    • Reread the draft and form the final version of your chemistry research paper.
    • Correct any misspellings and mistakes.
    • Double-check your paper for submission.
    • Turn to research paper writers to get professional help.

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