Crime and Punishment Essay Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 24, 2023
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    Crime and Punishment Essay Topics: 55 Approved Ideas

    The purpose of writing the essay is to understand the subject better and to remember useful information. In addition, when we work on a paper, we develop organizational and goal-oriented skills that are useful in the study and common life.

    As a rule, students are offered a fairly wide range of essay topics about Crime and Punishment. Choosing the right theme that will meet the future author’s cognitive interests is very important. In addition, the topic should not be too general, global since a relatively small amount of work will not allow it to reveal it at 100%.

    How to Select the Best Crime and Punishment Essay Topic?

    Let’s formulate a topic for the essay. Sometimes the teacher gives it to you specifically. Sometimes he asks you to choose from a long list of topics. Sometimes he leaves you with complete freedom of choice, as long as the paper is a part of the course. When choosing a topic, it is important to be guided by one’s interest too. If the theme is close and interesting to you, writing a paper will be quick and enjoyable. This works even on Dostoevsky topics which are inherently deeper and more complicated than others.

    The availability of literature should also be taken into account. If you have time to think, it is better to mark two or three topics for yourself (no more) and to search for already existing research. Choose a theme on which there will be a lot of quality material.

    When writing an essay, remember these things:

    • The essay does not copy books and articles word for word and is not an outline.
    • The literature essay is not written by one source, and it is not a report.
    • The essay cannot be a literature review.
    • In the essay, the material collected on the topic is systematized and synthesized.

    Below we have prepared for you a list of “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky themes that are most suitable for the US study establishments.

    List of Crime and Punishment Essay Topics: TOP-15

    1. The main characters of the novel.
    2. The deep analysis of the novel.
    3. Heroes of the novel.
    4. Doubles of Raskolnikov in the novel.
    5. The kindness of Sonya Marmeladova.
    6. Dunya Raskolnikova.
    7. Female images in the novel.
    8. Raskolnikov’s cruelty.
    9. Raskolnikov’s idea.
    10. History of the novel’s creation.
    11. Rodion’s room.
    12. Rodion’s mother.
    13. Kindness and Cruelty in “Crime and Punishment.”
    14. Revenge and Generosity in “Crime and Punishment.”
    15. Dream and Reality in “Crime and Punishment.”

    15 Good Essay Topics for Crime and Punishment

    1. Raskolnikov’s dream.
    2. The motive for the murder of Raskolnikov.
    3. Raskolnikov’s punishment.
    4. The life of St. Petersburg in the novel.
    5. The image and thoughts of Rodion.
    6. The image and thoughts of Svidrigailov.
    7. The comparison of images and thoughts of Svidrigailov and Luzhin.
    8. The image and thoughts of Sonya.
    9. Description of Marmeladov.
    10. Raskolnikov’s truth and Sonya’s truth.
    11. The truth of Sonya Marmeladova.
    12. The reasons for the crime of Raskolnikov.
    13. The main problems of the novel.
    14. The Marmeladov family.
    15. Raskolnikov’s family.

    10 Popular Crime and Punishment Essay Topics in 2023

    1. Role of rehabilitation in criminal justice systems.
    2. Exploring the effectiveness of restorative justice practices.
    3. Analyzing the relationship between poverty and crime rates.
    4. Impact of technology on modern-day crime prevention.
    5. Juvenile delinquency. Understanding causes and solutions.
    6. Examining the ethics of capital punishment in contemporary society.
    7. Influence of media portrayal on public perception of criminals.
    8. Addressing cybercrime. Challenges and strategies for prevention.
    9. Influence of social media on crime reporting and public perceptions.
    10. Relationship between mental health and criminal behavior.

    5 Crime and Punishment Essay Questions

    1. Why did Rodion confess?
    2. Why did Rodion kill the old money-lender?
    3. What is the meaning of comparing Luzhin and Raskolnikov?
    4. Why does Rodion suffer and is tormented after the crime?
    5. Why did Rodion commit a crime?

    10 Crime and Punishment Essay Ideas

    1. The meaning of the title of the novel.
    2. The meaning of Raskolnikov’s theory.
    3. Rodion’s dreams and their meaning.
    4. Rodion’s dream about hard labor.
    5. Rodion’s dream of a horse.
    6. Sonya and Rodion – they were resurrected by love.
    7. Raskolnikov’s theory in the novel.
    8. Raskolnikov’s theory and its collapse.
    9. The murder of the old woman-pawnbroker by Raskolnikov.
    10. Luzhin’s or Porfiry Petrovich, Svidrigailov, Sonya Marmeladova, Raskolnikov and Sonya characteristics.

    Can’t Find One Good Topic? No Worries!

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