Critical Analysis Essay Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 24, 2023
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    65 Critical Analysis Essay Topics for Simple & Interesting Projects

    The right choice of essay topics about critical analysis is one of the first factors of success. A good topic ensures the popularity of your work in the scientific community and provides an impetus for further research.

    To select an appropriate topic, a scientist must first be well aware of what is happening in his field of science: what problems are being solved, what is already known, and what is to be investigated. Below we will discuss the main selection criteria.

    How to Select the Best Critical Analysis Essay Topic?

    The choice of topic for a critical analysis essay is often determined by how much the scientist is immersed in research activities:

    • Research/start-up – results and research not yet available. This situation is familiar to students who need to write a critical analysis essay about the latest innovations, but what direction and topics to choose for them is still a mystery.
    • Scientific research in the process – there is a topic for analysis, and the scientific community can already discuss data. However, the results and conclusions of the study are not yet clear.
    • Scientific research at the final stage – research is complete, there are data, full analysis, and It is time to summarize the results in the paper.

    Making a choice is hard. The study of other researchers’ work will help find an unorthodox topic of a critical analysis essay with scope for research and novelty. You can start by reading the list that we have prepared.

    List of Critical Analysis Essay Topics: TOP-20

    1. Current understanding of osteoconductive mechanisms for bone tissue regeneration. Overview of the state of the problem.
    2. The hydrophobization of gypsum binder products is one way to extend the scope of their use in construction.
    3. Conceptualization of property theory and subject matter of civil law regulation.
    4. International experience in combating corruption.
    5. Characteristics of transactions in which there is an interest for unitary entities.
    6. Assessment of the state of ecosystems of cooling water.
    7. Legal policy and prospects for international cooperation in the field of rail transport.
    8. Socio-economic study of municipalities.
    9. The mechanism by which silicides are formed on the surface of silicon when irradiated by metal ions.
    10. The influence of the quality of life of the population on the social tone of a mono-city.
    11. Structural changes in animal kidneys from exposure to nickel.
    12. Corruption as a form of shadow lobbying.
    13. Subjective suffrage law: definition of the concept.
    14. Anti-crisis measures in the area of tax legislation.
    15. Free-standing advertising boards are provided with free-of-charge core and compressed supporting structures.
    16. Training of statistical economists and mathematicians: trends, problems, prospects.
    17. Education and instruction of visually impaired children.
    18. Diagnostics and monitoring of structural road systems.
    19. Enhancing the competitiveness of the industrial enterprise through an investment policy framework.
    20. Non-linear deformation processes in high-speed material tests.

    15 Critical Analysis of Essay Topics

    1. The mechanism of succession to idiopathic scoliosis.
    2. Social development is a basis for improving the quality of life of the population.
    3. Morphological and biochemical readings of the blood of silver foxes (Vulpes fulva).
    4. Wear resistance of chromium electrodeposited by an anode jet.
    5. Forensic profiling of the contraband.
    6. Self-esteem in sociological research.
    7. Administrative offense and administrative liability.
    8. Synergistic principles of building autopilots.
    9. Study of the influence of the road on roadside ecosystems.
    10. Identification of the model of economic cooperation of the border region.
    11. Study the distribution of heavy metals according to the dispersed fractions of cement dust.
    12. Loneliness in the social transformation of modern society (conceptual analysis).
    13. Judicial reform and jury trials.
    14. The United States is the absolute leader of the world’s pharmacology market.
    15. Theoretical study and analysis of competitiveness in the regional economy.

    10 Scientific Critical Analysis Essay Topics

    1. Ethical dilemmas of human gene editing.
    2. Exploring the efficacy of vaccination strategies in pandemic control.
    3. Role of artificial intelligence in healthcare decision-making.
    4. Analyzing the impacts of climate change on ecosystems.
    5. Examining the effects of social media on mental health.
    6. Unveiling the mechanisms of drug resistance in bacterial infections
    7. Prospects and challenges of quantum computing in scientific research.
    8. Critically assessing the role of genetically modified crops in global food security.
    9. Investigating the link between environmental factors and cancer development.
    10. Analyzing the implications of CRISPR-Cas9 technology in genetic engineering.

    10 Critical Analysis Essay Questions

    1. Are the effects of calcium channel blockers, opiate analgesics, and cocaine on the calcium currents of mollusk neurons effective?
    2. What are the changes in the linear ratios of the internal organs and the mass of newborn rats when using a nucleic drug in the “mother fetus” system?
    3. How can we achieve increased durability of parts operating under extreme conditions?
    4. How effective is the US security system?
    5. Individual basic worker rights. Are they respected in the United States?
    6. How can effective human resources management policies be achieved?
    7. What was the concept of evidence in the criminal procedure?
    8. What are the problems of adaptation of the young specialist in the field of professional activity?
    9. How can the standard of living and quality of life of the population be improved?
    10. How to increase the efficiency of the sonar for seafloor recognition?

    10 Critical Analysis Essay Ideas

    1. Techno-chemical characteristics of salmonid fish liver and prospects for its use.
    2. Some patterns of aging of concrete mixtures and concrete on organic binders are shown in the example of tar concrete.
    3. A culture of power in the context of geo-chronology.
    4. Methodological problems of comparative analysis of paradigms of technical reality.
    5. Criminal procedure aspects of exempting a person from suspicion of having committed a crime.
    6. Epidemiological safety and applied vaccines.
    7. Dynamics of soil contamination in a city with a developed petrochemical industry.
    8. The problems of the development of farms and the direction of State support for the agro-industrial complex.
    9. Effects of laser radiation and air heating on nanoparticles of iron, nickel, and copper.
    10. Development of an air quality control system.

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