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May 4, 2023
Updated: May 22, 2023
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    70+ Health Essay Topics for A+ Grade Writing

    Healthcare is vital in today’s society because people want to lead healthy lifestyles free from diseases. Medicine is a broad field that covers many subjects in colleges and universities. Students conduct different research projects for the advancement of treatment procedures while enhancing problem-solving skills. From child care to disease prevention, medical courses are quite diverse.

    That is why most medical students often encounter challenges during research and writing. To craft an outstanding health essay, you must pick a relevant theme that aligns with your analysis. Thus, we have compiled a list of health-related essay topics to give you an idea of where to start your composition.

    How to Select the Best Health Essay Topic?

    If you want a unique and outstanding medical essay, ensure you pick an attention-grabbing and familiar topic. Choosing a debatable theme simplifies your writing since you understand what it entails while developing logical arguments.

    Furthermore, it would be best if you researched widely since medicine is a fact-based field. Have a mind map during the brainstorming session where you jot down major pointers to help you during composition.

    Ensure you include supporting arguments, not forgetting to cite your paper correctly for originality purposes. Remember, your topic should be engaging to compel the audience to follow through with the entire research.

    10 Health Essay Topics for High School Students

    Here are interesting topic ideas for your health research essay.

    1. The pros and cons of professional sports.
    2. Significance of psychological health.
    3. An analysis of depression as a silent killer.
    4. Explore the consequences of plastic surgery.
    5. Surrogacy: History and ethical implications.
    6. Importance of organ donation.
    7. Analyze ethical grounds for human experiments.
    8. What is alternative medicine?
    9. Harmful effects of surgical weight loss.
    10. Impact of drugs on mental wellness.

    List of Health Essay Topics: Top-10

    1. Long-term effects of alcohol consumption.
    2. Health hazards of smoking while pregnant.
    3. Heart diseases: Treatment and prevention.
    4. An analysis of substance abuse among teenagers.
    5. Pros and cons of health insurance.
    6. Impact of advanced technology in healthcare.
    7. Importance of a balanced diet for young children.
    8. Explore the Keto diet and its significance.
    9. Discuss different types of chronic diseases.
    10. The role of healthcare workers in people’s well-being.

    10 Health Care Essay Topics

    1. Why should healthcare be a basic human need?
    2. Significance of sexual education.
    3. Explore reproductive health in today’s society.
    4. Impact of technology in advancing medicine.
    5. Effective government strategies to improve the healthcare system.
    6. Discuss effects of childhood traumas on mental wellness.
    7. Effects of unsafe abortions.
    8. A study of the rising cases of hypertension in modern society.
    9. What is health equity?
    10. An analysis of memory improvement techniques.

    10 Mental Health Essay Topics

    1. Influence of trauma on mental disorders.
    2. Analyze different mental disorders among the youth.
    3. Effective methods to improve mental health awareness today.
    4. Impact of technology on mental health.
    5. Ways to prevent depressive episodes.
    6. Discuss how social media addiction causes depression.
    7. Bipolar disorder: Treatment and management.
    8. Impact of stress on human health.
    9. Long-term effects of anti-depressants.
    10. Importance of physical exercises in relieving mental issues.

    10 Health and Wellness Essay Topics

    1. Significance or regular hospital checkups.
    2. Healthy eating is vital in today’s society.
    3. An analysis of sedentary diseases.
    4. How to adopt a healthy lifestyle?
    5. Importance of regular exercises.
    6. Why is emotional wellness essential?
    7. Significance of a positive attitude for general wellness.
    8. Anorexia: Treatment and prevention.
    9. An analysis of herbal medicine.
    10. Importance of maintaining a clean environment.

    10 Public Health Essay Topics

    1. The impact of COVID-19 on global health systems and preparedness.
    2. Mental health stigma: Breaking barriers and promoting well-being.
    3. Addressing health disparities: Strategies for achieving health equity.
    4. The role of vaccination campaigns in preventing infectious diseases.
    5. Obesity epidemic: Causes, consequences, and potential solutions.
    6. Tobacco control policies: Effectiveness and challenges in promoting public health.
    7. Exploring the relationship between climate change and public health.
    8. The influence of social determinants of health on health outcomes.
    9. Ethical considerations in public health: Balancing individual liberties and public welfare.
    10. Innovations in digital health: Opportunities and challenges in transforming healthcare delivery.

    10 Health Essay Ideas

    1. Plastic surgery: Ethical and safety implications.
    2. Why obesity is a global medical concern
    3. Organ harvesting: An in-depth analysis.
    4. Discuss the causes and effects of the global pandemic.
    5. Is assisted suicide morally ethical?
    6. Impact of teen pregnancy.
    7. An analysis of maternal healthcare concerns.
    8. Impact of climate change on medicine.
    9. Insomnia: Causes and effects.
    10. Is HIV/AIDS still an epidemic?

    More Ideas for Beginners in Writing

    Essay writing is not for everyone since many learners encounter hurdles and can’t complete their papers on time. Here are a few pointers to help you compose a well-researched essay:

    • Start writing early to avoid last-minute rushes.
    • Brainstorm and research widely.
    • Pick an appropriate topic.
    • Write from scratch and verify your sources.
    • Use a suitable essay outline.
    • Edit and proofread your essay.

    Questions? We Can Help You!

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