Heart of Darkness Essay Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 24, 2023
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    60 Heart of Darkness Essay Topics: Best Ideas Start Here

    An essay is a paper of small size and free composition, expressing individual impressions and considerations on a particular subject or issue and not purporting to be determinative or exhaustive.

    How to Select the Best Heart of Darkness Essay Topic?

    Make a detailed layout of your future work. Remember, everything you write must play on the topic set in the title. You don’t have to write long texts about the book at all. Try to choose a topic that you can fully explore. This disclosure should be the subject of every detail of your plan.

    Also, when choosing a topic, try to take one that best suits your personal preferences. Writing essays on such a topic is much easier and more pleasant. Below is the list of the most up-to-date essay topics for Heart of Darkness.

    List of Heart of Darkness Essay Topics: 10 Key Ideas

    1. A display of 19th-century events in the works of Joseph Conrad.
    2. Realism in the novel by Joseph Conrad.
    3. Novella Heart of Darkness: personality characteristics of the main characters.
    4. Joseph Conrad’s perspective on the “civilized” world in his novel.
    5. The images of the natives in the Heart of Darkness.
    6. A brief psychological analysis of the characters.
    7. Joseph Conrad: features of creativity, basic facts from life.
    8. Charles Marlow character analysis.
    9. Biography of J. Conrad.
    10. Analysis of the ivory trader Kurtz.

    10 Heart of Darkness Racism Essay Topics

    1. The image of the novel’s main character.
    2. A brief description of the work of Joseph Conrad.
    3. Literary work Heart of Darkness: main characteristic.
    4. The nature of Africa in the novella.
    5. Joseph Conrad: analysis of major works of art, biography of the writer.
    6. Joseph Conrad and his masterpiece novel.
    7. Description of imperialism and colonialism in the literature of the 19th century.
    8. Comparative characteristics of Marlow and Kurtz.
    9. Kurtz: existential moments of life, life tragedy.
    10. Heart of Darkness: basic analysis of the piece.

    10 Imperialism in Heart of Darkness Essay Topics

    1. Male characters in the Heart of Darkness.
    2. Joseph Conrad: a description of racism in the works.
    3. Charles Marlow and changes in his personality.
    4. Feminine image of Kurtz’s bride.
    5. The tragedy of natives’ life in Africa in the 19th century.
    6. The nobility of the first half of the 19th century is described in the novel.
    7. Africa in the fate and creativity of Joseph Conrad.
    8. A screen version of the story by F.F. Coppola (movie “Apocalypse Now”).
    9. Allusions to Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.
    10. Problems and poetics of the novel.

    10 Symbolism in Heart of Darkness Essay Topics

    1. Neo-romanticism in English literature of the late 19th century and the works of Joseph Conrad. Description of the method.
    2. The influence of A. Schopenhauer’s philosophy on the worldview and creativity of Joseph Conrad.
    3. Social and philosophical issues of Heart of Darkness.
    4. Symbolic images (ship, city, darkness, river, fog, forest).
    5. Mythological images (Moira/Parks, Styx, world of the dead).
    6. How this book sparked the video game.
    7. How this book became an opera.
    8. At first, the book did not become so popular, and fame came to it only in the 1950s.
    9. Why didn’t Chinua Achebe like the book?
    10. Colonization was on the rise when Heart of Darkness came along. Did the novel change something?

    10 Popular Heart of Darkness Essay Topics in 2023

    1. Colonialism and its effects in Heart of Darkness.
    2. The theme of darkness and light in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.
    3. The symbolism of the congo river in the Heart of Darkness.
    4. Marlow’s journey of self-discovery in the Heart of Darkness.
    5. The representation of women in the Heart of Darkness.
    6. Racism and imperialism in the Heart of Darkness. Unveiling the dark side of human nature.
    7. The role of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness. A study in madness and obsession.
    8. Nature versus civilization in Heart of Darkness. Conflict and dichotomy.
    9. The narrative technique of framed storytelling in Heart of Darkness.
    10. The significance of the Heart of Darkness as a metaphor in Joseph Conrad’s novel.

    10 Bonus Heart of Darkness Essay Ideas for Easy Writing

    1. Is the main character Konrad himself?
    2. Deep critical analysis of the Heart of Darkness.
    3. Why did the author decide that Heart of Darkness should start and end in the UK?
    4. An overview of the “civilized” and “wild” in work.
    5. Life position of Charles Marlow in the story.
    6. The tragedy of colonization in the book.
    7. Kurtz – existential moments of life, his tragedy.
    8. Review of Joseph Conrad’s work, characterization of the colonialists.
    9. The meaning of the Heart of Darkness for world literature.
    10. Joseph Conrad’s life in Congo.

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