Illustration Essay Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 24, 2023
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    Illustration Essay Topics – Pick the Best Idea Here & Relax

    The essay presents individual impressions and reflections on a particular subject or issue. The purpose of the essays is to develop the ability of the author to write thoughts independently, to express position concerning a particular subject, event, phenomenon, etc.

    How to Select the Best Illustration Essay Topic?

    The topic for the illustration essay can be chosen any. The important thing is that you like it and can properly illustrate it.

    However, it should not be forgotten that the author’s task is to convince the audience of the validity of the proposed point of view. Thus, the argument must be as valid and visible as possible. Remember this when choosing from the list of topics for the illustration essay below.

    List of Illustration Essay Topics: TOP-10

    1. Describe the best cafe (and its advantages) where you can meet your fellow students.
    2. Write about barista duties at the big cafe.
    3. Why are clients always right?
    4. Create a guideline to become a therapist, a dentist, or a speech therapist.
    5. Routine and medical work. What are the difficulties and advantages of this profession? What are the disadvantages of this?
    6. Write about how a fashion designer is working on a new collection.
    7. Think of the buyer’s role in the big department store.
    8. How to become a pilot in a successful airline?
    9. How to investigate a murder? Necessary steps for a murder place investigation.
    10. Write about how to perform an autopsy. What are the features of this procedure?

    10 Easy Illustration Essay Topics

    1. Write about the importance of the school (college) mascot to students.
    2. Useful learning habits for a student.
    3. Describe the arrangements for the break in the college group.
    4. What would a resident’s assistant do in a dorm?
    5. Write how-to understand that you are in the «friendship zone» and how to get out of it.
    6. Choice of college: important things to consider when choosing a place to study.
    7. The dating technique. Use both the guy and the girl options.
    8. Write about going to college and the best way to make a successful resume. Description of college fees for students.
    9. Write about bullying and its consequences.
    10. A guide to proper ball throwing in American football.

    10 College Level Illustration Essay Topics

    1. Description of football traditions in your college.
    2. Saving money as a student. Better ways to save money.
    3. Musical practice and ways of organizing it.
    4. What “pros” and “cons” have life in a hostel? Description and explanation.
    5. Campus life and guidance.
    6. Use of 3D printers on campus.
    7. How it feels to be college president and how important it is.
    8. Write about Christian groups and church organizations in the college. Their work and importance.
    9. The problem of accepting leaders into Christian groups. Contradiction and misunderstanding in the religious aspects of faith.
    10. Think about the increase of students’ study convenience in college.

    10 Good Illustration Essay Topics

    1. The influence of social media on body image perception.
    2. Exploring the evolution of technology in education.
    3. The impact of art therapy on mental health and well-being.
    4. Unveiling the cultural significance of street art in urban spaces.
    5. The role of graphic novels in conveying social and political messages.
    6. Analyzing the power of visual storytelling in advertising.
    7. The representation of gender stereotypes in children’s literature.
    8. Examining the effects of environmental pollution on wildlife.
    9. Uncovering the symbolism in renaissance paintings.
    10. Exploring the cultural significance of traditional clothing in different regions.

    10 Illustration Essay Ideas for Creative Writing

    1. Explaining the meaning of a religious ceremony to people who don’t know it.
    2. The history of the old building in your city and its significance to society.
    3. Live the day of an over-smoker. What are the drawbacks of this bad habit?
    4. Write about how important it is to have good friends and how to bring them closer together.
    5. Write about self-defense for women and better ways to use it effectively.
    6. Natural disasters. How do they change the shape of cities?
    7. Ways to revitalize your hometown.
    8. Tell people about the great places in your town or college. Why do people still remember them?
    9. Write an essay about your visit to the museum and your impressions of it.
    10. Sports and school study balance. How to achieve it?

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