Literature Research Paper Topics

May 5, 2023
Updated: May 5, 2023
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    Literature Research Paper Topics: List for Inspiration

    Students of humanitarian specialties are rich in imagination and creative skills. But even for them, it might be a challenge to choose a topic for writing a research paper. Since this type of academic assignment requires thorough theme investigation, the topic itself plays a fundamental role. This is a central statement on which you will build your thoughts around. And it should be robust, relevant, and suitable for your field of investigation.

    That is why we gathered the best research paper topics about literature to provide you with great examples. Use them when selecting a theme for your creative paper and develop your unique topic!

    How to Select the Best Literature Research Paper Topic?

    Choosing a topic for your research paper should not be chaotic. Considering that creative works are a vast field of themes, you should follow some simple steps to segregate the most potent research paper topics about creative works. Here is the guide on how to select the topic for research.

    • Identify the field of your expertise. Even if you are the most diligent student, there are still some areas of creative work where you would not feel yourself an expert. Whether it is the Victorian Age, Georgian Period, or the Modern Period – focus on those literary works that include the area of your expertise.
    • Narrow down the choice. When you define the scope of creative writing, you feel confident writing about it. It is time to choose a specific theme. Think about a particular author and the works he created. Also, build connections between the lines of what ideas the author represents and how you can attach them to your statement. Brainstorm the ideas and note them down.
    • Learn the resources. While you develop several research paper topics about creative writing, you should study the resources on your theme. Make sure to choose only credible ones since it is what teachers pay the most attention to. Choose a topic with much factual information on which to base your research.

    List of Literature Research Paper Topics

    While you are puzzling over the ideas for your creative writing research paper topics, we have prepared for you examples of research paper topics about creative writing. So go on and see the top 20 themes for your forthcoming paper.

    • The history of feminism creative writing
    • How is racism represented in the novels of the 1960s?
    • The impact of using artificial languages in literature
    • The connection between literature and religion
    • The significance and constant popularity of “Harry Potter”
    • The state of literature during World War II
    • How can literature be propaganda?
    • Why do most readers prefer the romance genre of creative writing?
    • The features of comedy literature
    • What is travel writing of the 20th century?
    • Victorian England in the works of Charles Dickens
    • The impact of Roman and Greek creative writing on the West
    • What is the oral tradition in Anglo-Saxon literature?
    • The features of romantic creative writing
    • Is fanfiction a separate genre of literature?
    • Pursuing the American dream in literary works
    • Byronic heroes in literature
    • How does the digital era influence reading literature?
    • What is the impact of literature on kids?
    • Works of Medieval English creative writing.

    World Literature Research Paper Topics

    It is always a challenge to decide on the literary theme’s origin. Every country has unique literature history and writing traditions, so we picked up 15 interesting world research papers about literature below.

    • The connection between old and modern American creative writing
    • The meaning of the Bible in English literature
    • Women in Indian creative writing
    • The phenomenon of African-American creative writing
    • The concept of Taoism in Chinese creative writing
    • Muslim philosophy in creative writing works
    • Examples of cross-literary works
    • The description of the early American creative writing
    • Allan Ginsgber is a symbol of freedom in American creative writing
    • The influence of the Victorian era on English creative writing
    • Description of the main themes in William Shakespeare’s works
    • The features of Irish poetry
    • European creative writing history analysis
    • India in Rudyard Kipling’s works
    • Comparative analysis of Chinese and Japanese creative writing.

    Renaissance Literature Research Paper Topics

    Are you a fan of naturalism and regeneration? Then it would help if you looked up some topics among Renaissance research papers about literature.

    • The symbol of death in Renaissance creative writing
    • “Renaissance rivals” by Rona Goffen: the best overview of the artists of the 16th century
    • Main ideas of Renaissance creative writing
    • Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Julieta” is a vision of true love in the Renaissance
    • The theme of madness in Hamlet
    • Medieval English description in the works of Geoffrey Chaucer
    • Comparative analysis of Renaissance literature and postmodern literature
    • History in the works of Shakespeare
    • Dante Alighieri’s contribution to Renaissance creative works
    • Description of the Harlem Renaissance
    • Renaissance humanism in literary works
    • Michel de Montaigne: a creator of an essay
    • The mythology of Shakespeare’s “King Lear”
    • “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston
    • John Milton works as a bridge to the Restoration period.

    Modernist Literature Research Paper Topics

    Literature is stories about the past and countless reviewing of Shakespeare’s works. However, there is always a place for writing research papers about modern creative writing. Here are some ideas that will help you in theme selection.

    • Virginia Woolf and her vision of the author’s mission
    • The genre of the modern novel
    • Nissim Ezekiel: a father of modern Indian poetry
    • Imagism in Hilda Doolittle’s works
    • S. Eliot and his contribution to the modernist movement
    • The interpretation of love in “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter” by Carson McCullers
    • Destroying norms and myths in “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • The theme of loss in “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot
    • The extraordinary language of writing in Wallace Stevens’s literary works
    • “The Dance” by William Carlos Williams.

    Literature Research Paper Topics for College Students

    If you still have not decided on the perfect theme among research paper topics about the literature listed above, we are ready to provide you with the bonus ten themes.

    • The historical analysis of the speech in English creative works
    • Early literacy studies
    • Gothic creative writing features
    • The impact of colonization on modern literature
    • The censorship in American creative works
    • The analysis of desert writing in African literature
    • The appearance of the detective novel in British creative writing
    • Villains and heroes in literary works
    • How do the authors choose literary devices for their works?
    • The influence of politics on American creative writing.

    Literature Research Paper Ideas

    Writing a research paper about creative writing can be easy when following guidance from professional authors. However, here is how you can simplify this process with quick ideas below.

    • Find the topic with a robust literature base.
    • Do your research and review the works by credible sources related to your theme.
    • Come up with the outline of your work.
    • Write your first draft.
    • Include citations and references to other authors.
    • Demonstrate your point of view.
    • Prepare a final draft.
    • Check it for uniqueness.
    • Proofread and edit the paper.
    • Feel free to ask for professional authors’ help.

    We can give you a hand in the most responsible moment of your student life: writing a research paper. We guarantee 100% security and high quality of the papers. Do you want to know more? Visit our write my paper help website and contact our 24/7 support team. We will be glad to see you onboard!

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