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May 5, 2023
Updated: May 5, 2023
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    Do you recognize yourself in a situation when the topic selection for a research paper becomes a bottleneck in your writing process? This might scare every student until they realize that there are lists of topics available for everyone for free. And our article is an example of that list. So get inspiration from the research paper topics about music we offer and choose your perfect one!

    How to Select the Best Music Research Paper Topic?

    Choosing a topic for a research paper is not pointing with closed eyes to one theme out of multiple existing ones. Instead, this is a whole process that requires self-dedication. So, before we start giving you the research paper topics about music, learn how to conduct the selection process.

    • Always follow your heart. Even if you are a professional artist, it doesn’t mean you are passionate about all melody themes. This is like playing instruments: some adore the guitar, and some enjoy playing the piano. And only the topic from the area of your interest will bring you a lot of pleasure to work on.
    • Decide on the melody field. Do you want to conduct an in-depth analysis of a musical work by your favorite artists? Or do you plan to discover musical phenomena throughout history? Narrow down your choice by selecting one area in music science.
    • Learn the details. You might love one topic so much, but what if there are not enough sources to research it? Be sure to learn all the details about the desired research paper topics about music so as not to stumble over the difficulties in your writing process.

    List of Music Research Paper Topics

    The world of music is diverse and immense. From famous artists to methods of music therapy, you can significantly puzzle over the research paper topics about music. Or you can just read our complete list of topics and pick one of them.

    • Do melodies affect the human brain?
    • Arabic music history
    • Does music harm teens’ behavior?
    • Why is K-Pop so popular?
    • Sound production in music: pros and cons
    • Can we divide music genres into bad and good ones?
    • The era of jazz
    • Women in music creation
    • Should music education at school be improved?
    • How does music marketing work?
    • Tupac Shakur’s influence on hip-hop
    • Is there racism in the music?
    • A rare talent of Duke Ellington
    • The phenomenon of the popularity of “The Beatles”
    • The role of music during the wars
    • Music and fashion industry
    • Should music be free and accessible for everyone?
    • Opera in the 19th century
    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the life of the most magnificent compositor of all time
    • The music in the Catholic Church
    • The Fender Music Foundation
    • Music of Latin America: Bachata music genre
    • Korean pop music
    • American music and its role during the Vietnam war
    • Toots Hibbert: the father of reggae.

    Music History Research Paper Topics

    A lot of themes come from the music history area. So let’s discover 15 topics about research paper topics about music history.

    • Instruments history
    • German music history
    • First primitive instruments
    • How did black music originate?
    • Women’s role in jazz music
    • The music of ancient Rome
    • The evolution of Indian music
    • Franz Joseph Haydn in music history
    • The origins of Aztec music
    • The features of Baroque music
    • Characteristics of Romantic period music
    • Comparative analysis of baroque and classical music
    • Pop music: development throughout history
    • Western classical music
    • Country music history.

    Music Therapy Research Paper Topics

    Needless to say that music also has healing features. That is why you can consider choosing research paper topics about music therapy.

    • Music therapy during cancer treatment
    • How does music reduce stress?
    • Benefits of music for people with Alzheimer’s disease
    • Does listening to classical music help people with epilepsy?
    • The “Mozart effect
    • Does music have a significant influence on our state of mind?
    • Playing the piano has beneficial outcomes for people with poor communication skills
    • Is music therapy efficient?
    • Mindfulness-based music therapy
    • Scientific proof of music therapy’s positive influence on patients
    • Music therapy for people with eating disorders
    • Music and psychology
    • Music therapy for kids
    • How to calm a person using music?
    • Can music affect human productivity?

    Music Education Research Paper Topics

    Music can be a great tool in the educational process. Children and adults can significantly benefit from the music effect when learning something. Here you will find the research paper topics about music education.

    • Can music increase learning capabilities?
    • Is it reasonable to listen to music when studying?
    • Which music is better to listen to when studying?
    • Should teachers turn the music on in the classes for pupils to relax?
    • Music in studying languages
    • Audio-visual methods in teaching
    • Is only classical music suitable for studying?
    • Should music classes be obligatory at schools?
    • Why are music classes not taken seriously by teenagers?
    • Can a person succeed in the music sphere without achieving musical education?
    • The history of teaching music
    • Is it possible to learn to play instruments without attending musical schools?
    • Which music to use to help kids concentrate?
    • Heavy metal for education
    • Music and its impact on scientific discoveries.

    Music Industry Research Paper Topics

    If you still haven’t found the perfect topic for your research paper about music, we are happy to share ten bonus topics about music. Find them below.

    • Will technology change music in the future?
    • Why does classical music remain popular all the time?
    • Rap and Hip-Hop in black music
    • Common traits of country music style
    • Modern hip-hop music
    • Classical music in Disney production
    • Religion in jazz music
    • Popular music bands throughout history
    • What is the music of the future?
    • What music genres are popular among teenagers nowadays?

    Music Research Paper Ideas

    Topic selection is the first step in the research paper writing process. After you develop the final idea for your paper, you should go through other steps to create excellent work. In this final section, we will give you some ideas on making the research paper about the music writing process much more manageable.

    • Carefully learn the requirements before starting a writing process.
    • Search for credible sources of information like JSTOR or Oxford Music Online. You can also use the advanced search function.
    • Read the literature on your research paper topic.
    • Write down and learn the professional definitions related to your topic.
    • Conduct your research.
    • Don’t forget to include citations and references from other authors.
    • Create the first draft.
    • Edit your paper and add more information to it.
    • Proofread your final draft.
    • Get help from professional research paper writers.

    From topic selection to creating a reference page, we can help you to write your paper. You can rely on our service since we offer: affordable prices, unique and plagiarism-free content, 100% confidentiality, round-the-clock assistance, and many other beneficial features.

    Everything you need is 10 minutes of your time to fill in our ordering form. Also, you can find examples of our work on our website. To boost your chances of getting an A+ grade, you can add additional services to your order and ensure your paper’s quality. So go on and make your research paper writing process effortless!

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