Narrative Essay Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 21, 2023
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    80 Narrative Essay Topics

    1. Anarchist trace in Spanish cinema and problems of historical memory.
    2. Problems of everyday life and mythological consciousness in the “Chronicles of Narnia” by C. S. Lewis.
    3. Errors caused by grammatical interference (on the example of students’ written work).
    4. Representation of corporality in the anime genre.
    5. Sport under the influence of modern information and civilizational processes.
    6. Social networks and instant messengers are a platform for cyber warfare with society and the state.
    7. The evolution of the philosophical and political concepts of Francis Fukuyama and Samuel Phillips Huntington.
    8. The cosplay phenomenon in the context of modern mass culture.
    9. The role of literature in the culture of European decadence in the second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries.
    10. Philosophical and anthropological studies of Edgar Allan Poe.

    10 Narrative Essay Topics For College

    1. Problems of self-diagnosis of mental disorders in students.
    2. The tradition of satirical reflection of the life of society on the example of the model city in “The Simpsons”.
    3. Political theology and poetic theology in the analysis of one plot pattern.
    4. Analysis of the promotion of the BMW brand using video content.
    5. The semantics of the concept “décadence” in France in the 1880s.
    6. Moral motivation and socio-cultural preconditions of criminal activity in cinematography by the example of Quentin Tarantino’s creativity.
    7. The kidult phenomenon, or “new adults” in the modern world.
    8. Religious motifs of some coins of Olbia as a means of socio-political proclamations.
    9. Ancient history in classical Chinese poetry (based on poetry anthology of the Ming Dynasty).

    Customer satisfaction with the service provided is a modern marketing trend and a source of loyalty.

    10 Narrative Essay Topics For High School

    1. Reflection of the features of the English national character on the example of the image of Sherlock Holmes.
    2. Polycode texts of the modern gaming community (on the example of the competitive game “Dota 2”).
    3. The phenomenon of ritual in the life of society.
    4. Some aspects of modern forms and methods of hostile confrontation and armed confrontation.
    5. Didactic illustration as a means of pedagogical prevention of radicalism in the youth environment.
    6. Social theory of anarchism in modern science: case analysis on the example of archeology.
    7. Linking social media and eating disorders as a 21st-century issue.
    8. Ballad universals and the mythology of everyday life (based on English folklore).
    9. Tourism in the system of physical education of students.
    10. Shock technologies in American advertising practice.

    10 Fictional Narrative Essay Topics

    1. Lyric book as a phenomenon of literary impressionism.
    2. Verbal and non-verbal semiotics of the multifandom world (on the example of Marvel and DC comics).
    3. The romanticization of drug abuse in the TV series “Euphoria”.
    4. The transformation of the dystopian genre under the influence of popular culture, based on the Lauren Oliver trilogy.
    5. Metaverse is a stage in the development of virtual reality technologies.
    6. Artistic features of the modern text of rap compositions.
    7. Psychological foundations of intuitive eating.
    8. Text in dialogue with the reader is one of the approaches to the study of literature.
    9. Techniques for reducing expression in audiovisual translation (on the example of Quentin Tarantino’s filmography).
    10. Fanfic is a phenomenon of modern fiction.

    10 Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

    1. Urban noise as a socio-ecological problem.
    2. New methods of working with text in graphic design to create interactive communication (on the example of the Google Doodle project).
    3. Comparative analysis of the Japanese and family management models on the example of “Mitsubishi Shoji”.
    4. Achaean colonies of Magna Graecia within the Greek urbanization of the 7th-6th centuries BC.
    5. Representation of the cultures of East and West in the works of Hayao Miyazaki.
    6. Aggression and emotional intelligence (a study on a sample of otaku).
    7. Total Data as a phenomenon of formation of political post-reality.
    8. The contribution of works of fiction to the development of the communicative competence of the future doctor.
    9. Definition of criteria of creativity in the works of the periodical press.
    10. Structural features of youth slang vocabulary (on the material of modern German-language works).

    10 Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

    1. The main uses of the gramophone record in culture.
    2. The phenomenon of “fake news” in the modern media space.
    3. Information technologies in journalism (on the example of the work of global news agencies).
    4. Archetypes and Music in the American Horror Film.
    5. Mythologeme as a folded sacred text.
    6. Features of the culture of eating in Islam.
    7. The iconography of consumer products in pop art (on the example of Andy Warhol’s works).
    8. The phenomenon of Internet memes in the context of communication practices.
    9. Worldview attitudes of modern youth about beauty.
    10. Ontology of cinematic experience and the formation of self-consciousness in the philosophy of cinema by Stanley Cavell.

    10 Funny Narrative Essay Topics

    1. Surviving a Spontaneous Bungee Jumping Mishap.
    2. Living with a Mischievous Monkey.
    3. An Encounter with a Friendly Ghost.
    4. Surviving a Disastrous Family Vacation.
    5. Navigating High School with an Expert Joker.
    6. A Tale of Romance at a Fast-Food Drive-thru.
    7. Misadventures in Learning How to Ride a Unicycle.
    8. The Mystery of the Missing Socks. An Absurd Investigation into the Laundry Abyss.
    9. The Disastrous Date. Surviving Awkward Moments and Food Fights.
    10. From Clumsy to Graceful. How I Overcame My Ineptitude in Dancing.

    10 Narrative Essay Topics Ideas

    1. Features of the expression of the concept of “love” in the songs of modern German artists.
    2. Dialogue Rhetoric in “Pulp Fiction”.
    3. Age-related features of the nature of nutrition in the HIV-infected population of women and men.
    4. American animation in the mode of the child archetype.
    5. Religious motifs in the dramas of Georg Kaiser.
    6. The contribution of emotional intelligence to the perception of works of fine art.
    7. Phenomenology of banter in modern popular culture.
    8. Problematic aspects of the implementation of the principle of equality before the law in the US penal practice.
    9. The artistic image of a modern Japanese woman in the anime “Paprika”.
    10. “South Park”: cynicism and other post-ideological half-measures.

    Tips on How to Select Narrative Essay Topics

    The specificity of writing a narrative essay is to represent a phenomenon by telling a story or analyzing real experience with a detailed description of all its components. Often the core of this paper is the study of various works of art with a description of the author’s personal experience.

    In this context, the key recommendation for choosing the best of the many exciting topics for narrative essay is to focus on the range of interests with as much as possible narrowing down the possible options.


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