Opinion Essay Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 21, 2023
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    70 Opinion Essay Topics

    1. Psychological motives and physiological consequences of smoking students.
    2. Asia-Pacific security regimes after the Cold War.
    3. Understanding the personality types of modern anime characters.
    4. Hamletism as a character movement.
    5. Prevalence and clinical features of the combination of schizophrenia and use of surfactants.
    6. The specifics of the mythological basis of magical fiction in the fairy tales of the British Isles.
    7. Author’s narrative in public discourse.
    8. Extremist text and personality traits.
    9. The influence of philosophical beliefs, cults, and values on raising children in Korean traditional society.
    10. Dialectics of acceptance-denial of Nietzsche’s ideas in D. Tartt’s novel “The Secret History”.

    10 Opinion Essay Topics For High School Students

    1. Comparative analysis of some approaches to the study of discourse.
    2. The influence of music on the psychophysical state of a person.
    3. Digital communications of automobile brands BMW, Audi, Mercedes.
    4. Institutional forms of denial of the mythical experience of mastering the archetype.
    5. Formation of an aesthetic ideal as a means of preventing cyber extremism.
    6. The iconography of disability in Soviet visual discourse.
    7. Prevention of infection in the surgical area.
    8. Computer gambling in the structure of addictive behavior.
    9. Factors and their influence on the development of the hotel and restaurant business.
    10. The evolution of views on the concepts of statics and dynamics and their influence on the development of economic concepts.

    10 Opinion Essay Topics For Elementary School Students

    1. The problem of creativity and the postmodern crisis of culture.
    2. Theatricalization method in directing circus performances.
    3. Fake journalism is an element of modern show civilization.
    4. Analysis of various approaches to the classification of children’s toys.
    5. The influence of cartoons on the formation of worldview views of younger students.
    6. Musical folklore as a means of developing students’ creative abilities.
    7. Analysis of the problem of anthropogenic myths of different peoples.
    8. Robot as a revolutionary subject.
    9. Mechanisms of work of satire in modern “adult” animation.
    10. The multi-layered virtual world of the video game “The Sims”.

    10 Science Opinion Essay Topics

    1. The relationship of fine motor skills with play.
    2. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the digital economy.
    3. The mythologeme of death in the problem field of visual culture.
    4. Structure and semantics of ritual invitations to Christmas dinner.
    5. Category of corporate culture in management psychology.
    6. The specifics of the development of Greek policies.
    7. The problem of imagination in the context of the functional-systems approach.
    8. Stratification and marginalization of society: analysis of criminogenic features.
    9. “Man-personality” is a worldview project at the base of the technogenic civilization of the West.
    10. Factors determining the development of small businesses.

    10 Topics for Opinion Essay For College

    1. Nihilism and anti-nihilism as political principles of the intelligentsia.
    2. Sociocultural transformation of masculinity after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
    3. Marginalization of society is one of the main causes of deviant behavior among young people.
    4. Spiritual knowledge and archetypes of philosophical cultures of East and West.
    5. Using viral marketing to promote library resources and services.
    6. Psychological separation as a phenomenon of interpersonal relations.
    7. Options for the ratio of text and film adaptation.
    8. The problem of mediation in European culture.
    9. Formation of socio-cultural guidelines of the individual in the context of globalization.
    10. Liberalization of aging, or work, knowledge, and health at an older age.

    10 Best Opinion Essay Topics in 2023

    1. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Job Market Transformation.
    2. The Ethics of Genetic Engineering.
    3. Exploring the Role of Social Media in Shaping Political Discourse.
    4. The Importance of Mental Health Awareness in the Digital Age.
    5. Examining the Pros and Cons of Universal Basic Income.
    6. The Future of Sustainable Energy.
    7. The Influence of Video Games on Youth Behavior and Development.
    8. Addressing Climate Change. Individual Responsibility vs. Collective Action.
    9. The Role of Media in Shaping Public Perception of Immigrants.
    10. Analyzing the Effects of Remote Work on Productivity and Work-Life Balance.

    10 Opinion Essay Topics Ideas

    1. The negative effects of smoking: an economic assessment.
    2. Understanding history as integrity in the horizon of classical and non-classical philosophy.
    3. Retransmission of the process of mythologization and demythologization of political actors by media channels.
    4. Analysis of medical and legal views on the mental health of a criminal (XIV-XIX centuries).
    5. The activity paradigm of personality in the era of the formation of electronic culture.
    6. Specificity of post-traumatic epileptic seizures.
    7. Cryptocurrency as a phenomenon of the modern information economy: problems of theoretical understanding.
    8. Antique skepticism as an early form of reflection of theoretical knowledge.
    9. Juvenile delinquency and preventive strategies.
    10. Narcolepsy: various concepts of pathophysiology and treatment methods.

    Tips on How to Select Opinion Essay Topics

    The heart of this type of academic paper is the presentation of the author’s position regarding the chosen issue with further disclosure of the latter through the introduction of arguments and a deep analysis of all the pros and cons. Based on this, when considering various topics for opinion essay, it is necessary to focus on your hobbies to describe your position in as much detail as possible. It will also be useful in the context of presenting arguments to defend your point of view.

    Valuable sources of exciting ideas will be the work of other scientists who are engaged in the study of the issue of interest. Thanks to this, you will be able not only to get acquainted with the features of writing this type of essay and increase your knowledge base but also to understand in more detail the approaches to presenting your point of view and making the strongest possible arguments.

    It will be a great idea not to be limited only by scientific sources, looking for inspiration in everything around. The era of high technology allows you to use many resources to find an exciting topic.


    Although choosing one of the many topics for opinion essay is the initial stage of work, it can become a difficult task or even cause additional trouble. Contact our paper writing company to get rid of the burden of thousands of nuances and details of writing a paper. Remember that in addition to performing various academic tasks, our specialists will be happy to pay attention to all your questions, answering each of them in detail.

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