Paradise Lost Essay Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 21, 2023
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    80 Paradise Lost Essay Topics

    1. Specificity of the name of the poem
    2. Chronology of Paradise Lost and lifetimes of John Milton
    3. First publication of all ten books and the reaction of the audience
    4. The blank verse in the poetic meter of the literary work
    5. English language and its impact on the popularity of the Books
    6. Is there the protagonist, or is the epic focused on all main characters?
    7. John Milton and his artistic heritage
    8. Critical motifs and the most significant issues raised in the literary work with a blank verse
    9. Sequel to part one of the poem: Why did it obtain the same success?
    10. The Aeneid: The similarity of Paradise Lost to Virgil’s literature

    10 Paradise Lost Isolation Essay Topics

    1. The influence of hierarchy in the plot of the Books
    2. Life in isolation and how it influences human’ perception of the world
    3. Are motifs of isolation in Paradise Lost relevant to current times of global pandemic
    4. How did the matter of isolation change itself in every Book
    5. Isolation of Adam and Eve as limitation of free choice
    6. Isolation of main characters is the reason for their acts
    7. Hell is an isolated space entire of sin but heroic in the epic
    8. Adam and Eve are hostages of the situation
    9. Protagonists’ perception of isolation
    10. The narcissism of Eve stems from isolation

    10 Milton’s Paradise Lost Essay Topics University

    1. John Milton’s motivation and inspiration to write the most prominent English epic ever
    2. Satan as a protagonist: Why did the author prioritize the character?
    3. Religious motifs in the poem and why they take such a vital place
    4. Rebels are the main liberators in the poetry of the 17th century
    5. What changes did Milton make in the biblical story to add originality to his work
    6. Is the epic of John Milton a mere rewrite of the Bible or a piece of art?
    7. What did guide Milton to create such a unique character of Satan?
    8. The process of well-known and self-exploration Eve goes through
    9. Tendency to destruction in the epic: Why does it exist?
    10. Serpent’s act as a culmination in the whole literature work of Milton

    10 Essay Topics on Sexuality in Paradise Lost

    1. Man and woman in the literature of John Milton
    2. How does Eve imagine herself?
    3. The hierarchical aspect of sex determination of the main characters
    4. Angels and their role in the Books
    5. Rights the author gives to every sex
    6. What do the feminist critics lie in?
    7. What is the superior sex, and why does it exist in the poem?
    8. Why does Eve consider herself a man?
    9. The issue of marriage in Milton’s epic
    10. Love of the protagonists is both happiness and tragedy

    10 Essay Topics For Paradise Lost Angels

    1. The place of idolatry in Paradise Lost
    2. Does the fall manifest itself primarily in the fact that man falls into the possession of passion?
    3. Composition of the epic and its influence on the perception of the main message
    4. Angelic powers in the great war in Heaven
    5. Freedom and power are the factors of influence on the Fall
    6. Psychology of temptation in the poem
    7. Sin as a lack of knowledge and reflection of support and love
    8. Adam is a heroic character but the great sinner: Absurd choice of Milton
    9. Is distortion of the plot of the Bible a sin or a way to create the masterpiece?
    10. Sense of guilt as a destruction feeling

    10 Paradise Lost in Modern Culture Essay Topics

    1. The art of iconography inspired by Milton’s epic
    2. What pictures of the plot of Paradise Lost did become true masterpieces in modern culture?
    3. What art of bibliographical works, describing the poem and its author, lies in?
    4. Perception of the epic in different countries
    5. The most prominent English poem inspired Salvador Dalí and his art
    6. The place of the literary work of the famous English writer in cinematography
    7. Translation of the blank verse: Difficulty and popularity
    8. Relevance of Milton’s thoughts in the 21st century
    9. Does this work deserve such world recognition?
    10. English people’s imagination of the Bible is the main factor of the uniqueness of the epic

    10 Popular Paradise Lost Essay Topics in 2023

    1. The Representation of Satan in Paradise Lost.
    2. The Role of Free Will and Predestination in Milton’s Paradise Lost.
    3. The Concept of Sin and Redemption in Paradise Lost.
    4. The Portrayal of Gender and Power Dynamics in Paradise Lost.
    5. Paradise Lost and the Epic Tradition.
    6. Milton’s Use of Biblical Allusions in Paradise Lost.
    7. The Influence of Classical Mythology on Paradise Lost.
    8. Exploring the Theme of Knowledge and Forbidden Wisdom in Paradise Lost.
    9. Milton’s Depiction of the Fall of Man in Paradise Lost.
    10. The Significance of Milton’s Prose Style in Paradise Lost.

    10 Paradise Lost Essay Topics Ideas

    1. How does poetic meter influence tragedy in the poem?
    2. The fate of the author and its representation in the Books
    3. The political life in the seventh century in England: How did it take place in the poem?
    4. Critics of the most prominent English literature
    5. Biblical epic and why the author chose such a literary work
    6. What parallels did John Milton draw in his career?
    7. The history of creating the most potent poem written in English?
    8. Why is Milton truly a unique and prominent writer?
    9. What is the role of epic tradition in Milton’s work?
    10. Christian motifs and their reflection in the epic

    Tips on How to Select Paradise Lost Essay Topics

    While one of the most impressive and famous English literary works, Paradise Lost poem is a common academic assignment for students. This literature raises many issues to discuss. Nevertheless, students face a challenge in choosing an appropriate topic for their essays. To tackle this problem, check the experts’ pieces of advice.

    • Simplicity is a way out.

    Never attempt to pick the most complex topic. It is much more complicated to make a positive impression on the professor if it is too broad and multi-faceted. Try to select something simple but eye-catching.

    • Be more specific.

    Primitive matters for essays are not a sensible solution. There may be at least one thing that impressed you the most in the literary work; why not research it more deeply?

    • Add passion to your work.

    If you choose an issue that interests you, it will be much easier to cope with the task at a high level. Try not to pick a general topic that most your classmates do; add passion to this assignment and become unique!


    If writing essays on literary works is not your favorite activity, why not check the list of top Lost Paradise essay topics​ and select one most appropriate? If you find it tricky, apply to our specialists for further help. Order ‘write my paper for cheap‘ service from pro writers!

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