Persuasive Essay Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 21, 2023
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    70 Persuasive Essay Topics

    1. Technology can be used to preserve the environment effectively
    2. People who admire others forget about selves
    3. Purpose of life and how it influences the way people live
    4. Not everyone can choose a career in advance of first employment
    5. Money is an instrument to gain a goal in life
    6. For sports development, athletes should be sponsored more
    7. Eco-friendly fabrics are the only way to save the planet
    8. Days off are an effective way for increasing the productivity of employees
    9. Total disarmament is not possible and effective
    10. Globalization harms people’s privacy

    10 Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

    1. Ambitions are what create the self-determination of every person
    2. There are diseases that medicine is not able to cure regardless of progress in the pharmaceutical industry
    3. Traveling shows the character of people, their dreams, and ambitions
    4. Music affects the way we live because of the sounds it produces
    5. Big money in sports destroys the essence of competition
    6. Athletes become more socially active and proactive because of the money they obtain
    7. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is not relevant in the 21st century
    8. Personality tests help to find self but drive into the frame
    9. Traumatic events should be discussed, not hidden
    10. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder because everyone perceives information differently

    10 High School Persuasive Essay Topics

    1. The world without rules: The end of the progress
    2. Gadgets have made people zombies: We are addicted to computers and smartphones
    3. Fictional or real life: People are used to running away from problems
    4. Cinemas as the most effective way of influencing people
    5. The modern field of advertisement is trash that harms people’s lives
    6. The occupation of a politician can’t be a hobby
    7. A high rate of unemployment caused by high technology will be loss-making
    8. One simple phrase can change a person’s life
    9. Past and present: We always forget about the achievements of previous generations
    10. No one can develop talent because it emerges from the birth

    10 Animal Persuasive Essay Topics

    1. Acceptance of the use of animals in scientific research
    2. Endangered species are even more in danger today
    3. However dead, extinct animals can be reborn in future
    4. Animals harm the nature and spoil ground of the exotic areas
    5. People who love animals are usually kinder and more optimistic because they like to treat living species
    6. Zoos are an excellent alternative to the natural environment
    7. Keeping animals as pets, especially if they are not domestics, is not good
    8. Dogs like people more than cats: The matter is psychology and character
    9. Endangered species still live thanks to charity funds
    10. Every pet should have the veterinary examination

    10 Persuasive Essay Topics For College

    1. A college education is not a sufficient academic degree to become a successful person
    2. University education and its cruciality to everyone’s self-confidence
    3. Modern education should eliminate assessment systems because it affects the self-esteem of students
    4. Video games for children are the central reason to reduce the concentration
    5. Current students have the most significant opportunities for self-development and learning ever but don’t appreciate that
    6. College students need more days off to a complete reboot after exams
    7. Young people can change the world by employing their soft skills
    8. Extracurricular activities develop students’ stamina
    9. Sport is the crucial discipline in each college educational program
    10. College students should practice more than learn exclusively theoretical material

    10 Best Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics in 2023

    1. The Pros and Cons of Genetic Editing in Humans.
    2. Government Surveillance. Striking the Balance between Security and Privacy.
    3. The Legality and Ethics of Assisted Suicide.
    4. Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health.
    5. The Pros and Cons of Universal Healthcare: Is It a Viable Solution?
    6. Is Capital Punishment Justified in the Modern Age?
    7. Balancing Public Safety and the Second Amendment Rights.
    8. The Ethics of Animal Testing. Is It Justifiable for Medical and Scientific Advancements?
    9. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment.
    10. The Effects of Climate Change. Urgency, Denial, and the Path to a Sustainable Future.

    10 Persuasive Essay Topics Ideas

    1. Negotiations are the choice of the strongest people
    2. Freedom of choice is what millions of people stand for
    3. President is an image of the country, not a mere politician of the highest rank
    4. Most diseases occur because of impaired mental health
    5. Sex education is what current students lack
    6. Single-sex schools are a matter of discrimination
    7. Fans influence the mental state of sportsmen
    8. Privacy is the right every person is entitled to from birth
    9. Smartphones very often are the reason for road accidents
    10. A good diet is a key to success

    Tips on How to Select Persuasive Essay Topics

    A persuasive essay needs to be very appropriate and specific. Many experts believe that your success in this work directly depends on your selected issue. To that end, please pay more attention to choosing the matter for your essay. Below you can check central tips on how not to fail and find a stellar topic!

    • Passion is your primary guide.

    Never consider the topics your professor offers as a last resort. It would help if you wrote an essay about what worries you or what you are eager to research. You can make writing this paper a true pleasure if it becomes a hobby for you. People do things better if

    like that.

    • Prefer relevance.

    It would help if you always prioritized your preference; however, consider that a persuasive essay contains relevant information. It may be an ongoing issue, global problem, or something specific, but not less important.

    • Be imaginative.

    Creativity is your key to success. If you have no limitations to the choice of the topic, think of something original. It may be an exciting aspect of a well-known issue that looks eye-catching enough to make a great impression on your professor.


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