Philosophy Research Paper Topics

May 5, 2023
Updated: May 5, 2023
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    Philosophy is always about searching for the truth. However, students face not only this kind of searching process but often look for great topics to write philosophical studies research papers about.

    Indeed, a relevant and correctly chosen topic reveals your desire to learn. The topic is the first thing every professor notices when reading students’ works. If your topic is captivating and actual for modern research works, it will significantly influence your final score. So why would you lose the chance to boost your reputation at school? Use our list of research paper topics about philosophical studies and find your perfect one.

    How to Select the Best Philosophy Research Paper Topic?

    Thorough topic selection is how to succeed in writing a philosophy research paper. And while you think that it takes a lot of time and effort to compose a suitable theme, we want to assure you that you can make it work easier with clear guidance. So here we prepared some tips to help you create research paper topics about philosophical studies.

    • Choose within your zone of interest. When learning philosophical studies as a subject, you have developed some preferences regarding philosophical themes. Many students fear choosing the one with many biases and controversial opinions. But this is not what you must avoid in your topic selection if you like that particular topic.
    • Read research papers from previous students. Schools often have lists of previous students’ research papers accessible on their websites. It can help you significantly since you will see how topics should be composed. Also, you will see examples of the structure and main points of a philosophy research paper.
    • Get expertise from your professor. In the topic selection, you should also focus on your educational institution’s requirements for writing research papers. That is why it is always better to consult the instructor before starting the writing process.

    List of Philosophy Research Paper Topics

    If you feel overwhelmed with the numerous philosophy topics and themes to build your research on, get some inspiration from the research paper topics about the philosophy we offer.

    • The eternal question of life and death
    • Socratic method analysis
    • Is education essential to be successful in the 21st century?
    • What is the role of humans in this world?
    • Is philosophy a science?
    • Religion from the philosophical point of view
    • The place of morality in modern life
    • Space exploration and philosophical studies
    • Does wisdom come with age?
    • Where does our soul go after our death?

    Philosophy Topics for Research Paper

    Sometimes even hundreds of research paper topics about philosophical studies will not be enough to choose from. No worries, though. We can back you up!

    • Should people forgive each other?
    • Is money the essential thing in the world?
    • What should a person have to be happy?
    • Can abortion be justified?
    • What is the future of the human race?
    • Will robots replace humans?
    • Does a person have to develop their whole life?
    • Subconscious mind: our fear and beliefs
    • Do we owe something to our parents?
    • Is it dangerous to be very clever?

    Ancient Philosophy Research Paper Topics

    In the times of Aristotle and Socrate, many philosophical issues were discussed. So you might find something interesting for your research paper in this section.

    • Immanuel Kant’s philosophy
    • Roman stoicism beliefs
    • How did philosophy and medicine connect in antiquity?
    • Greek philosophers and their contributions
    • How was the world perceived in ancient philosophical studies?
    • “Know thyself” principle meaning
    • Mythology from the point of philosophical view
    • How was man’s creation explained in ancient philosophy?
    • Democritus and his atomic theory of the universe
    • Cosmology in ancient philosophy.

    Philosophy of Art Research Paper Topics

    Art can be interpreted through different subjects. And philosophy is one of them. So if you feel that the philosophy of art can be of interest to you – dive into our following ten philosophy of art research paper topics.

    • Is it true that art is immortal?
    • Romanticism and existentialism
    • Why do people see the same piece of art differently?
    • The philosophical question of aesthetics
    • The human spirit can only create true art
    • Art and philosophical studies: the controversial topic of all times
    • Leonardo da Vinci and his philosophy of art
    • Philosophical literature genre and its features
    • Renaissance art and the motives of philosophy about the world
    • The theme of love in the romantic-existential movement.

    Political Philosophy Research Paper Topics

    You might think that politics in no way can be connected with philosophical studies. However, a political philosophy subject also has many topics to discuss. Here are some examples of them.

    • Can the concept of social justice be applied in all spheres of our life?
    • Attitude to death in different countries and political policies regarding that matter
    • How is freedom regulated on the political level in different countries?
    • How do politics regulate the balance of understanding between different cultures?
    • The issue of justice in politics
    • Feminism in the political philosophical studies
    • What political system is the best for people?
    • Globalization in political philosophical studies
    • Can a society exist without being divided into countries?
    • The difference between nation and society.

    10 Intriguing Philosophy Research Paper Topics for 2023

    • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Can Machines be Moral?
    • Philosophy of Mind-Body Dualism: Revisiting Descartes’ Legacy
    • Nature of Consciousness: A Philosophical Inquiry
    • The Problem of Free Will: Is Our Fate Predetermined?
    • Meaning of Life: Perspectives from Eastern and Western Philosophy
    • Concept of Reality: Is the World We Perceive Really Real?
    • Philosophy of Time: The Nature of Past, Present, and Future
    • Ethics of Animal Rights: Should Animals Have Moral Consideration?
    • Philosophy of Science: The Role of Epistemology in Scientific Inquiry
    • Philosophy of Politics: The Ethics of Democracy and Authoritarianism

    Philosophy Research Paper Ideas

    After reading this article, you might have already developed some research paper topics about philosophy. This final section will guide you through the process and give you top ideas for writing a philosophy research paper quickly.

    • Get yourself prepared.
    • Find credible sources for your topic.
    • Investigate the literature related to your theme.
    • Don’t spare time for discussion and doing in-depth research.
    • Write for the audience, not for yourself.
    • Create an outline of your paper.
    • Compose a strong thesis statement.
    • Write your paper in simple language.
    • Reread and polish your final draft.
    • Get expertise from professional online writers.

    We can always be at your disposal if you need “write my paper help” with your research paper about philosophy. Fill out the ordering form, and you are all set!

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