Political Research Paper Topics

May 5, 2023
Updated: May 5, 2023
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    All students studying political science have to write research papers. And when this moment comes – they face the problem of topic choice. What political issue to investigate? What theme will be the most engaging for the readers? Where do I find examples of the topics? There is no need to exhaust yourself with such questions. Just read our article and choose the best topic for your research paper about the science of politics.

    How to Select the Best Political Research Paper Topic?

    The topic selection process should be organized if you want to write a high-quality paper about political science. Learn the following steps that will help you in this process.

    • Always focus on your interest area. Needless to say that the best result can be achieved only in the area you are interested in. So why would you choose a topic that sounds good but doesn’t have a place in your heart?
    • Narrow down the choice. Indeed, political science is broad and contains many themes to discuss. And it would help if you first chose a specific area of politics. Otherwise, it will be challenging to jump from one theme to another.
    • Brainstorm the ideas. Once you know the field of discussion for your research paper about political science, it is time to generate topic examples. Write down everything that comes into your mind and form from your ideas a single topic.
    • Choose the relevant theme. Your research paper should be relevant to modern investigations in the politics area. So always orientate on the relevance of the desired topic.
    • Check the sources. Every research should be based on credible sources. So to make the writing process smooth and easy, firstly, check whether the topic you want to investigate is rich in source selection.

    List of Political Research Paper Topics

    Here we’ve gathered the best topics for a research paper about political science. Get inspiration from the ideas below.

    • Comparative analysis of the United States and the United Kingdom foreign policies
    • The border question between the US and Mexico is a possible way to resolve the issue
    • Black Lives Matter movement and its recognition inside the political powers
    • Comparative analysis of presidential republics and parliamentary republics
    • Analysis of the Rational Choice Theory
    • Politics and morality
    • How to handle corruption in politics?
    • What is an Open Society concept?
    • Political positivism
    • The connection between politics and religion.

    Political Science Research Paper Topics

    Political science covers multiple topics. This section provides more examples of themes for writing your research paper about political science.

    • How to resolve the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan?
    • Syrian Civil War
    • Comparative analysis of collectivism and individualism
    • Immigration: pros and cons
    • Politics in North Korea and South Korea
    • Is Taiwan an independent nation?
    • The constant conflict between Israel and Palestine
    • What are the chances of WWIII happening?
    • What state has the right to the Arctic circle?
    • What are the causes of civil wars?

    Good Topics for Political Science Research Paper

    In case you haven’t found your perfect topic for a research paper about political science, below you can find our bonus ten topics.

    • Analyzing the Iran Oil Conflict
    • The Russian invasion of Ukraine
    • What rights should the prisoners have?
    • Should drugs be legal around the world?
    • Global inflation: can it be prevented?
    • What is the impact of American companies moving their businesses overseas?
    • Gig economy”: pros and cons
    • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world economy
    • Methods of decreasing the level of corruption in the judicial system
    • Does the United Nations organization achieve its purposes?

    Political Research Paper Ideas

    Topic selection is the first stage of the research paper writing process. So these politics paper ideas will be helpful for you in doing your research.

    • In your research, discuss the theme from different angles.
    • Add vivid examples to support your thesis statement.
    • Use quotes and citations.
    • Don’t be afraid to write about controversial political themes.
    • Use only credible sources. First, links in Google will not work if you want perfect research.
    • Write several drafts, and feel free to edit them.
    • Proofread your final draft.
    • Be very attentive to plagiarism.
    • Double-check the requirements.
    • Get expertise from our professional writing service.

    You can always rely on us if you have to “write my paper” about political science. We guarantee the best quality and on-time delivery!

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