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May 3, 2023
Updated: May 4, 2023
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    80+ Research Paper Topics for a Winning Result

    The time to compose a research paper has come, and you have no clue what to write about. Such a situation is typical, and we’re here to help you out. Look through these topics and our quick guide on topic selection not to get stuck at this point too long.

    How to Select the Best Research Paper Topics – Quick Guide

    Some students waste too much time on topic selection, unable to formulate their intention clearly.

    Here is a quick guide to speed this process up:

    • Involve in preliminary brainstorming to arrive at some initial ideas.
    • Choose a topic that you know something about (or at least you know where to find information about it).
    • List your keywords for an in-depth search.
    • Define a focused research question (or several to pick one as you go).
    • Do your research and formulate the thesis statement.

    If you’re still unable to detect a new, exciting topic with interesting insights, here you go with the list of research paper topics ideas for college students we’ve carefully prepared to help you out. All of them are engaging and non-trivial, adding extra points to your grade and keeping the audience glued to your text.

    Choose one of these topics and see how easy it will be to compose an outstanding essay with these original ideas.

    30 Good Research Paper Topics: 2023 Update

    • The unexpected sincerity of your teeth – what your dental record can tell about you and your family history.
    • Broader access to technology in Africa – much better than food aid.
    • Can the environmental crisis be resolved at a community level?
    • The changing moral standards of tech-savvy society.
    • Bite-sized content – progress or degradation of human information consumption patterns?
    • Ways to rethink school education suggested by COVID-19.
    • Unexpected traits of strong leaders.
    • Storytelling and leadership – how can the latter make their impact stronger?
    • Financial education as a path out of the financial crisis.
    • Quick ways of forming new habits.
    • Is a carbon-negative economy possible?
    • The ethics of AI: new insights.
    • COVID-19 and domestic violence: troubling connection.
    • A new way of defining native speakers.
    • Multiple applications of creative writing.
    • Is globalization over? If yes, what’s in store?
    • Realistic ways of fostering workplace diversity.
    • The art of practicing empathy.
    • Surveillance tech: implications and community hazards.
    • The 21st-century outlook at superfoods.
    • Traditional medicine via biotech – any golden middle?
    • The changing national landscape of the USA and voting outcomes – can the Latinx population make a shift?
    • Democracy and human brevity – are they compatible?
    • Balancing life and work in families with two working parents.
    • Female military leadership – is it possible?
    • The hidden ties of climate change and capitalism.
    • Use your personal stories as leverage for recruitment.
    • Internet trolling and ways to deal with it.
    • Essentials of crisis leadership.
    • Ways of detecting and preventing child abuse and sexual violence.

    25 Best College Research Paper Topics

    • Is there a future for CBD in addiction management?
    • Zero-emission world: is it possible?
    • Europe’s plan to become the first carbon-neutral continent.
    • Addressing the climate change issue through the prism of morality.
    • Waste management is the most significant contribution to battling climate change.
    • Silence as a booster of racism.
    • What are the signs of human evolution slowing down?
    • Is free will non-existent? The neurobiological perspective.
    • A hidden link between personality and political views.
    • Taking advantage of your luck: practical advice.
    • Can an enemy be turned into a friend?
    • The in-depth social roots of political violence.
    • The global crisis of insufficient sleep.
    • A new turn on defining sexual identity: conceptualizing intersex individuals.
    • Weather extremes – what does the future hold for agriculture?
    • The trend of modern populism.
    • Can small firms really benefit from big data?
    • Art versus machines – any dialogue?
    • The relationship between sleep quality and immunity.
    • Addressing the vaccine-related rumors.
    • The role of art during the pandemic.
    • What does the future hold for digital privacy?
    • COVID-19 lessons for capitalism.
    • Dealing with uncertainty in your life.
    • Urban design as a solution to the climate crisis.

    25 Interesting Research Paper Topics to Get Inspired

    • The need to rethink the romanticized colonialism epoch.
    • Digital innovation as a COVID-19 remedy.
    • Higher education and employment of refugees: the need for a consistent policy.
    • Unexpected ways to disrupt racial bias mechanisms.
    • Are personalized vaccines becoming a reality?
    • What are generic drugs, and how can they transform medicine?
    • Tips to staying focused under pressure.
    • The art of being resilient.
    • Dissatisfaction is a strong driver for action.
    • The surprising connection between economy and climate action.
    • Is the only way to address white privilege through recognizing it?
    • The changing global workforce – what’s in store after COVID-19?
    • The pervasive impact of child anxiety on development and school performance.
    • Memory editing: is the technology real?
    • A medical response to the “crazy busy” lives of modern people.
    • Culturally shaped responses to COVID-19: a global perspective.
    • The pervasive impact of chronic stress.
    • The evolution of human health and disease.
    • Forgiveness is a missing component of the restorative justice equation.
    • Overcoming human fears about robotics.

    20 Research Paper Topic Ideas for Any Case

    • Can people indeed create meaningful relationships while staying apart?
    • Teamwork vs. individualism: which will serve you better?
    • The looming crisis of antibiotic resistance.
    • The art of active listening – a lost skill?
    • Does modern technology reframe reality?
    • Any effective means to address corruption?
    • What Chinese workplace philosophy and values can teach the world.
    • The impact of air pollution on brain work.
    • The hidden impact of fashion brands on humanity.
    • Integrating mental health services at all levels of education.
    • Humane ways of addressing illegal immigration.
    • The relationship between burnout and creativity.
    • Secret tips to making faster decisions.
    • AI at the service of businesses.
    • The transformative power of kindness.
    • Parenting in the digital age – has anything changed?
    • Reconceptualizing loneliness.
    • The changing language practices: the importance of inclusive language.
    • The psychological basis for collecting things.
    • Blockchain and supply chain transparency at the service of ecology.

    More Tips on Successful Writing & Editing

    The most valuable tip for effective writing is to develop an outline with all key points and evidence. It will help you stick to a predetermined plan and not go off-topic. Besides, the outline usually contains vital milestones, such as topic sentences and arguments. Thus, you have half of the work done once a transparent, coherent structure surfaces.

    In terms of editing, follow these tips:

    • First, do content editing and then proceed to line editing.
    • Once the draft is revised, make sure to re-read and edit it once more.
    • Proofread the paper from the end to the beginning, not to focus on content.

    Contact Us to Learn More

    Is the list of research paper topics we’ve just provided enough for you to nail the upcoming assignment? If not, and the inspiration and free time are still lacking, you’re welcome to place an order with our company. Our expert paper writers are more than eager to help, delivering top-notch papers based on original research within hours.

    Stop losing grade points because you’re stuck with the topic; it’s time to excel in studies without any extra effort.

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