Social Issues Research Paper Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 4, 2023
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    The Best Research Paper Social Issues Topics for A+ Result

    Searching for interesting and engaging research paper social issues topics that are also easy to do? We can surely help you with this! We’ve compiled an extensive list of 70 great research topics within social issues.

    Social issues are an important field to continuously research. As humanity is facing more and more existential threats, we have to consider all potential solutions. Even you working on a paper topic will contribute to this matter.

    How to Select Research Paper Social Issues Topics

    With such a large number of social issues topics for a research paper, you might feel lost and confused. Don’t, instead, follow these steps to decide on a social issues topic for your research paper.

    Know Your Strengths

    Firstly, consider your personal strengths and preferences before going through social issues topics. You’re more likely to get an A+ by doing a research paper on a social issues topic that inspires you. If you decide on a social issues topic that doesn’t generate many ideas, then you’ll struggle with the research paper.

    Look for Relevant Sources

    Search for information online on the social issues topics that you like the most for your research paper. If you still can’t decide on a single one, pick the topic of the social issue that has more information online.

    Refer to Requirements

    Before doing any work on your research paper – closely review the requirements. You don’t want to waste time writing the topic of the social issue and then having to heavily edit the research paper. By following the requirements, you’re eliminating the need to rework your social research paper later.

    Plan Your Time

    Lastly, before writing anything in the paper on the topic, create a plan for the research paper’s completion. This way, the work on the social issue’s topic and paper will be structured, focused, and organized.

    30 Current Social Issues Research Paper Topics

    These 30 social issues topics are highly interesting and beneficial to use in your research paper. These are the problems we have to deal with today. Any tutor will appreciate their student choosing one of these social issues topics in their research paper.

    1. Which Moral Values Should Drive the Artificial Intellect in Automated Devices?
    2. Should Someone Regulate the Creation of Artificial Intellect Devices?
    3. The Issue of Certifying Automated Machine’s Safety and Reliability
    4. How Should We Limit Human-Created Algorithms in Robotic Systems?
    5. Is It Necessary for Governments to Monitor and Manage Big Tech Corporations?
    6. How to Protect Privacy in Our Highly Technological World?
    7. The Unemployment Issue: Automation, AI, and Virtual Reality
    8. Will People Be Able to Have Meaningful Lives without Work?
    9. The Future of Democracy: Is It the End of the Beginning?
    10. How Populism is Quickly Eroding Democracy Worldwide
    11. Trump and the Era of Fake News – Can We Believe in Anything Today?
    12. Ideological Bubbles in Online Networks: The Polarization of Society
    13. The Existential Questions That Will Inevitably Come as Automation Prevails
    14. Will the Society Survive the Lack of Work in the Near Future?
    15. If Advanced AI’s Can Do Everything That Humans Can, Then What Will Define Us?
    16. The Question of Making People Benefit from Automation and AI Rather Than Suffer
    17. Can Open-Source Code Initiatives Stump the Evolution and Development of Tech?
    18. How Fake Videos Will Continue to Misguide the Public Opinion in the Near Future
    19. The Monopolistic Competition in Big Tech Kill Almost All New Start-Ups
    20. Electric Car Production Is Still Significantly Bad for the Environment
    21. The Increasing Gap between the Rich and Impoverished People
    22. How Changing Climate Can Reverse Equality Efforts Across Fields
    23. Can International Communities Resist Protectionism and March on with Globalization?
    24. The Epidemic on the Roads – Car Crash Fatality Figures Are Overwhelmingly Big
    25. Changing Cities to Better Suit the Less-Industrialized Society of Today
    26. The Ways to Address the Rising Nativism and Fascism Tendencies
    27. How Supporting Innovative Research Is Essential in Keeping the Trust of People in Science
    28. Anti-Scientism – A Deadly Though Movement Threatening Society
    29. Maintaining a Local Identity in a Globalized World
    30. The Task of Communicating Complex Research to the Public Comprehensibly

    30 Social Issues Topics for Research Paper

    Looking for something else for your research paper? Here are 30 more social issues topics that tackle other aspects of our lives.

    1. The Talks about Immigration and Refugees Stay at a Basic Level
    2. The Governments Don’t Do Enough to Sufficiently Address Refugee Problems
    3. The Ageing of Populations in Asia and Lack of Workers in the Region
    4. The Ongoing Problem of Integrating Newcomers into Established Cultures
    5. Neighborhood Organization and Governance – A New Sociopolitical Institution
    6. What Are Business Improvement Districts and Where Did They Come From?
    7. The Benefits of Employing Statistics for Efficient City Planning
    8. The Unrealistic Urban Planning in Africa and Middle Asia
    9. Why is Urbanization in Africa Is a Time-Ticking Bomb?
    10. How the Lack of Everyday Citizen Involvement Dooms the Development of Africa
    11. The Worsening Safety of Long-Distance Travel – Diseases and Pollution
    12. Alienation in the Modern World: A Lack of Human Connection in Today’s Society
    13. The Need for Public Spaces in Cities, Which Promote Human Interaction
    14. The Potential Benefits and Dangers of Gene Editing
    15. Upgrading Human Genomes: Should It Be Outright Banned?
    16. The Risk of Oversimplifying Public Problems of Today and Barring Ourselves from Progress
    17. Human Activity is Killing Animals Needed for Essential Crops: How to Avoid This Fate?
    18. Should Modern Genetics Be Used to Destroy Animal Threats to Humanity?
    19. Environment and Its Relation to Infant and Maternal Mortality
    20. Health and Social Services Have to Receive More Funding
    21. How Technological Advancement May Be Causing Higher Suicide and Addiction Rates
    22. The Dangers of Tunnel-Vision in Science Purely for Science Progress
    23. The Difficulty of Pushing Culture Forwards Alongside the Scientific Advancements
    24. Are We Relying Too Much on Synthesized Drugs and Killing Our Natural Defenses?
    25. Digital Divide and Bubbles Prevent Scientific Breakthroughs from Becoming Popular
    26. Our Global Vulnerability to Fatal Microbial Dangers: Ebola, Zika, and COVID-19
    27. How to Promote Vaccination When Anti-Vaccination Movement Is on the Rise?
    28. Is Digitizing Human Beings a Bad Idea?
    29. The Problem of Ownership Media Accounts After Death
    30. How Online Media Is a Bad Agent in the Global Polarization of Communities

    BONUS: More Winning Topics for Successful Writing

    Still not satisfied with the social issues topics you saw just now? Want more topics for your research paper? Here are more social issues research paper topics for your consideration.

    1. The Ongoing Battle for Sustainability: The Paris Green Accord
    2. How Can We Significantly Diminish Global Carbon Emissions?
    3. Urban Planning with Environment in Mind
    4. How to Make Governments Care about the Environment?
    5. How National Protectionism Is a Blow to Environmental Efforts
    6. The Most Used Economic Theories Ignores the Resource Limits of Present on Earth
    7. Dwindling Water Resources and How We Can Deal with This Issue
    8. Capitalism Has to Be Re-Innovated to Address Environmental and Public Needs
    9. We Must Support Africa in its Development to Avoid More Environmental Crises
    10. The Most Realistic Alternative Energy Sources in the Future Demand

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