Social Media Research Paper Topics

May 4, 2023
Updated: May 4, 2023
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    Best Social Media Research Paper Topics for Smooth Writing

    Are you in search of unusual, attention-grabbing social media research paper topics? Our experts have prepared a list of actionable ideas you can use to surprise your tutor.

    How to Select a Social Media Research Paper Topic – Pro Tips

    Whenever you need to find a novel topic for a social media assignment, follow these tips to minimize the time spent on the task.

    What Interests You the Most?

    It’s much easier to complete an academic assignment if you have a personal interest in the topic. You can find more valuable facts and compose the structure quicker if you’re personally excited about the process.

    What Is Trending Right Now?

    A bulletproof variant is to stick to some trending, hot issues. You’ll always have more recent and relevant information at hand, covering the topic that interests your audience the most.

    How Can You Benefit from Writing?

    Another strategy is to choose a topic you need to research for personal purposes. If you’re planning a marketing career – dive into social media marketing; if you want to become an analyst – dig deeper into social media analytics and mining.

    How Much Time Do You Have?

    No matter what topics interest you, choose the simplest variant to go with if you’re short of time. Do you have some lecture notes without the need to conduct additional research? Great, grab that idea and develop it as fast as you can.

    How Much Data Can You Find?

    Don’t research the subject exhaustively if you’re short of time. Sometimes it’s enough to find 3-5 valuable sources to complete an essay quickly.

    20 Research Paper Topics on Social Media

    1. A guide to designing a social media strategy.
    2. Do social media mark the degradation or progress of human communication?
    3. How does social media transform sports?
    4. The social media industry – business or manipulation?
    5. Can social media contribute to social change?
    6. Methods for analyzing social media content.
    7. Is social media a method of surveillance?
    8. The impact of social media on networking.
    9. The psychology of social media.
    10. Social media use by the government.
    11. The most effective way of reaching your audience is via social media.
    12. Can social media give small firms a market advantage?
    13. Social media dangers for children.
    14. Community detection via social media.
    15. Social media mining: how is it used today?
    16. Social media in non-democratic states – what is the difference?
    17. Monetizing social media.
    18. How can social media benefit educators?
    19. Social media and politics.
    20. The variety of social media genres.

    20 Interesting Mass Media Research Topics

    1. Mass media and violence – a long-standing relationship.
    2. Mass media and racism – how mass media sources shape biased perceptions about foreign countries.
    3. The impact of media on public health.
    4. Arab mass media – feel the difference.
    5. Representation of indigenous populations in the media.
    6. What does mass media have to do with politics and democracy?
    7. Mass media and popular culture.
    8. Can mass media affect the shaping of public policy? ‘
    9. Propaganda through mass media.
    10. Coverage of terrorism and mass shootings in the media.
    11. Can mass media stimulate action on climate change?
    12. The cognitive psychology of mass media communication.
    13. The role of mass media coverage in violent conflicts.
    14. Should mass media be better regulated by law?
    15. Impacts of mass media deregulation.
    16. Mass media in third-world countries.
    17. Can mass media help predict public opinions?
    18. Mass media and deviance.
    19. How are opposing viewpoints covered in mass media?
    20. The contribution of mass media to the rise of feminism.

    More Original Ideas to Help You Get Started

    If these topics don’t suit you and you’re on a search for something truly original, here are some more ideas to consider:

    1. Top ten reasons why people should quit social media.
    2. The history-making potential of social media.
    3. The role of social media in erasing gender boundaries.
    4. The dangers and benefits of bite-sized content.
    5. Social media as a tool for tracing megatrends.

    BONUS: It Takes a Few Minutes to Find a Good Topic, If…

    And as a bonus from our write my paper experts, here is a 100% guaranteed method of finding a great topic super-quick. Think of the class material and try to connect it with your life:

    • Are there any applications or reflections of the concepts you learned in your daily routines?
    • How can you use any of the learned material to make your life better?
    • Can you apply these concepts to make the world or local community better?

    With these considerations in mind, you’ll quickly find inspiring insights to go on with research.

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